2018 Films

Special Screenings

Opening Night: The Last Movie Star; Centerpiece: Allure; Closing Night: Mad to be Normal; Anniversary: BASEketball; Spotlight: Living on Soul, Urania Descending; Work in Progress: Circles; Best of the Louisiana Film Prize Block: Candyland, Exit Strategy, My Father's Son, Scoundrels, Stag; Films with Panel Disscussions: I am Evidence, Seeing is Believing: Women Direct

Features: Narrative and Mississippi

Narrative Features: Bernard and Huey, Cop Chronicles: Loose Cannons: Legends of the Haj-Mirage, Door in the Woods, The Drawer Boy, The Drawer Boy, Eriko Pretended, The Sounding, Mississippi Features: The Long Shadow, Love Soliloquy: A Visual Album, Mississippi Madam: The Life of Nellie Jackson, The Process: The Way of Pablo Sierra, Features: Documentary, Forever "B," Liyana, The Organizer, Rodents of Unusual Size, Serenade for Haiti

Features: Music Documentary

Cassette: A Documentary Mixtape, Do U Want It?, How They Got Over, Word is Bond

Shorts: Documentary, Mississippi, Narrative

Documentary Shorts: All the Leaves are Brown, Altimir, Johnny's Greek and Three, A Life's Work, Newport Gun Girls, Our Ghosts, $30 To Antartica, Washed Away; Playing with Other Films: An Accidental Drowning, Jesszilla, Monster in the Bayou, The Nature of the Mass Demonstrations, One Hundred Thousand Beating Hearts, Robert, You See 'Em; Mississippi Shorts: Community Film Block: Birthing Video, Closed, Dayfall, Dear Mr. Bryant, #fifteen, Fifteen, The Pizza Magazine, Thacker Mountain Radio Hour: 20th Anniversity; Mississippi Short Block: Caution, Cowgirl Up, Cubicle City, Flag Flap Over Mississippi, Hand Made, Mombie, Part of It, Pay the Piper, River Made, Truth Rises, We Believed We Were Immortal, Winston County Miracle Man; Playing with Other Films: Colette, Here I'll Stay, Narrative Shorts: Comedy Shorts Block: Bitches Love Brunch, The Final Show, Gloria Talks Show, Last Words, M.A.M.O.N. (MOINTOR AGAINST MEXICANS OVER NATIONWIDE), sans reponse, Temporary, That Smell; Drama Shorts Block: An Act of Terror, Black Canaries, Blood Wolf, The Blue Car, Home, Lawman, Running Eagle: Pitamakan, The Weight; International Shorts Block: Alzhaimour, Fliegen, Save Me, Say No, Space Girls, Spinosaurus, The Vest, A Whole World for a Little World; Late Night Shorts Block: Alfred J. Hemlock, The Apocalypse will be Automated, Einstein-Rosen, Heartless, It Began Without Warning, Laboratory Conditions, Pessim, Real Artists, Transmission; Playing with Other Films: Favorites, The Melancholy Man, Nation Down, The Perfect Fit, Surrogate, Timbre, Tond

LGBTQ: Features and Shorts

LGBTQ Features in Competition: Alaska is a Drag, Between the Shade, Boys for Sale; LGBTQ Shorts in Competition Block: The Cleanse, Dusk, Haygood Eats!, How to Make a Pearl, Spark, The Third Movement, 3 Friends, Waffles; Playing with Other Films: Fishy, Lady Era, Sununu: The Revolution of Love

fest Forward and music videos

Fest Forward: Animation Block: Catherine, First Bloom, Jamshid: a Lament for a Myth, Meeting MacGuffin, Negative Space, The Servant, The Spirit Seam, Two Balloons, Ugly; Fest Forward Block: Animal Cinema, Anthropocene, Blue But Pale Blue, The Bridge Over The River, Cargo, Collapsing, Cooking with Connie, Disillusionment of 10 Point Font, LYING WOMEN, May I? Remix#, Paralysis, Pittari, The Realm of Deepest Knowing, Shot, Toward the Experimental Control of Dreaming, Trumpet Man, What's that in the Ground?, Yellow and Red Orange; Mississippi Music Video: Mississippi Music Video Block: All I Know, Damaged, "Glory, Glory," God Bless America, A Hard Rain, Make Me Want You, Manna, My City, "Randy Weeks: Mississippi Songwriter," Royal, Spinning, Stomping Ground, Trust and Believe, World and Believe, World Gone Crazy, Your Mistress

Films for Kids

The Adventure of the Afternoon, The Adventures of Catty Wompus, Ami, Brand New Day, Dreamscape, Emilie, Eyes in the Back of Her Head, Ghost Beats, Homegrown, Insta-Tree, Man's Best Friend, Otter of the Underground, Picnic Perfect, Polka Dott, Stars, The Teachers and The Flowers, The Trumpeter, Water Path for a Fish, 

Shorts and Features

Agrinouri, The AmazingWizard of Paws, Saving Santa, Meerkat Moonship

Short Films

The Boy by the Sea, c-5-11, Falling Up, Freedom of the Press, Good Boy, I Am Dyslexic, I've Just Had a Dream, Kukuschka, Light Sight, Loop, A Message for Brazey, Not One of Us, Pieces of War, Plastic is Forever, Sneaky

for all ages

Whale Rider

Oxford Film Festival 2018 (February 7-11) (15th annual)
NC = not in competition

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