Oxford Film Festival 2019 (February 6-10) (16th annual)

Documentary Features

Bathtubs Over Broadway— Holy Ghost Fire— The Feeling of Being Watched— When the Beat Drops— While I Breathe, I Hope— Wrestle

Documentary Shorts

605 Adults, 304 Children— Baby Brother— Children of the Dust— Care— Confederate Pride, White Supremacy, and My State Flag— Hula Girl— I Am Able— Leia's Army— Little Fiel— Mac's Garden Girl— Meet Uncle Paul— Migrant— Nomad Chapter— Phantasiaman— Quiet Hours— Shoto— The Conqueror— The Traffic Separating Device— Thou Shall Not Tailgate— Waiting For Fukushima— Zumari

Fest Forward

Astronauts with Wheat— Continental Divide— Currents— Data Decay— Diary 2013 -2018— Dull Hope— EAST448— Everything Changes— Expend— FEAW— FlyTrap— Frog Dog Log— Fucked Up Point Blank— Fun More— Fun to Cook: World’s Best Food— Fuse— Gone Sale— Horror Vacui— I Taste Blood— IDOL-L— In Medias Res— Mr. Deer— My Moon— NEKO NO HI - CAT DAYS— o1— On the Day You Were Born— Part I & II— Pour 585— Red dress. No straps— REMISSION— Sad Hour— Taking Tiger Mountain Revisited— The Bird & the Whale— The Border— The Cage of Sand— The Only Thing That Exists Is The Dot— There Must Be a Safe Space to Load the Building Materials— Trump Bites— WATCH ME!

Family Film Festival

#bulbinmouth— Bulbul— Bullies- Cala— Dreamwisher— Resurge— Smile: A Musical— Space Wind— The Boxcar Children: Surprise Island— The Ground is Lava— The Grounded Astronaut

LGBTQ Features

At the End of the Day— Call Her Ganda— Giant Little Ones— Gospel of Eureka— Jules of Light and Dark

LGBTQ Shorts

A Son Inherit— All We Are— Hiding in Daylight— Hippopatamus—home alone baby blue— How I Came Out— If This is Wrong— Light in Dark Places— Pepper— Queen for a Day— River— Sell Your Body— The Boy Who Wanted to Fly— The Dress You Have On—The One You Never Forget— You say Hello

Mississippi Features

Attache— Coach Wade— Driven— Door Ajar: The MB Mayfield Story— Respect Our Black Dollars— Southern Pride— Thrasher Road— Sharde Thomas

Mississippi Music Videos

Ain't No Place— Cedric Burnside- Wash My Hands— Cellar Below— Coast Ghost— Crosstie Town— Fit In— Going to Mississippi by the Mosley & Johnson Band— Life is- Mississippi (Why you got to be so mean?)— Moss Point Mississippi— Right Now— Satellite Strangers— The Great Depression - The Wineskins— The Price Was Right— Till I Cross Your Mind— Trina’s Story— When It Rains— Whiskey World— Why Can't You— Wolf 3

Mississippi Shorts

Aloneliness: a screendance— Bright at Night— Broken, Stained and Beautiful— Checked In— Crescent—Delta Crossings— Happy Birthday, Papa— Holt Collier— Nicole— Passwords— Roots and Wings— The Hidden Vote— The Fall Leaves—the fly in the buttermilk: the history, perceptions and principles of black Greek lettered organizations at Ole Miss— Vishwesh Bhatt: The South I Love

Music Documentary Features

Body & Soul— Don't Get Trouble in Your Mind— Icepick To The Moon— Negro Terror— Satan & Adam— UP TO SNUFF

Music Documentary Shorts

A Stable Mystic— Birth of Afrobeat— It's Now Or Never: a Race to Save Colonel Parker's Complex— The Juke Joint Show: BECOMING BUKKA

Narrative Features

Antiquities— Ghost Light— Isabelle— Mountain Rest— Poor Jane— Stuck— This World Alone

Narrative Shorts

A Craftsman— A Sari for Pallavi— Age of Bryce—Approval Needed— Behind Closed Doors.— BREASTS (dir. E. Contis)— Caronte— Dead Girl— Debris— Different This Year— Esmeralda— Fair Shake Transfer— Frontier— Funeral— Girl Steals Painting— Happy Birthday— Hypnotic Induction— I'd Never Bother Another Chicken Again— IVAN— Jesus & Jimmy Ray— Last Day— LIGHT— Lil Mouse: What Are You Looking At?— Lilac Ocean Pumpkin Pine— Meeting Mommy— Mrs Murphy's Confession— Nobody's Darling— Of Mine— Pozole— Sac de Merde— SNOW CHILD— Take Me To The Waves— The Drink— The Fisherman— The Flood— The Great British Race Off— The Great Unknown— The Invention— The Last Line— The Lost ones— The Parable of the Disappearing Recliner— To The Sea— Tourist— Trying to Find Me— Two Puddles— War Paint— Willow Creek Road

Student Work

Bad Things— Brady Shorter Ree —DYSFUNCTIONAL— EmilyFaye Cobb Reel— Finer Things— Frenchies— Ghost Train— GIANT’S JUICE— GLASS HALF EMPTY— Hats Off— MANGRY Trailer— Meeting Elwood Higginbottom— Missing Pieces— No Way in Hell— RYU— Signs— Sometimes I Can Fly— Stranger & Friend: Finding Hubert Creekmore in Water Valley— Synthetic Phoenix— T.F. Moron(e)— Taming the Tarasque— THE DOWNFALL— The Mime Thief— The Moon and the Night— The Sunday Night Drinkers Club— THE SURFACE — This One’s For You, Alice— TREES— WATER, IT’S LIFE— Weaving Dreams— Where I was born