16th Annual Oxford Film Festival TICKETS/FAQ

Become a VIP or just enjoy the free panels. How you fest is your choice!

Buy tickets here! 

Below are a few questions to help guide you on your way. Stop by our information booth at the festival to ask more questions!

How tickets work for Oxford Film Festival:

VIP Pass ($175) Priority line access, entrance into all films, parties, and green room plus entrance into special ticketed events. 

The VIP badge gives full access to all films, the green room, parties, panels and workshops. It is also provides priority line access so you get first chance at seating. Filmmakers, judges, sponsors, media, staff, board and some volunteers also have VIP access with their badges, but are provided complimentary as part of their perks. These are limited and once sold out - are sold out! The VIP pass means you don't have to claim tickets for any film in advance, just get in to the VIP seating line to grab a seat. 

Student Pass ($50)

Same as a VIP pass but for students only! Must show valid student ID upon pickup of the pass.

Family Film Fest ($10)  

To be held the Saturday of the festival. It includes entrance into workshop and movie screenings. It is open to all ages but films are geared towards ages 8+.


5 and 10-pack tickets ($50, $100) ! 

The 5 and 10 packs allow you to buy tickets in bulk whether for just yourself or for a group of friends. This replaces the day and weekend passes. 

Single Movie Ticket ($15) Good for one film. AVAILABLE ONCE SCHEDULE IS LAUNCHED. 

Single tickets apply to an individual film.


  • Various screenings as announced.

  • Panels/Workshops


Are you a student or a retiree? We have a code for you to use at check out for a 16% discount on any type of ticket except the student pass. Enter code SIXTEEN at check out or if you have questions, email boxoffice@oxfordfilmfest.com to learn more. 

Sold Out? Rush!

Did we announce a film selling out? There may still be opportunities to snag a seat with our rush line ticket. Pick up a numbered rush ticket at the box office one hour before the film. Once seating is complete (10 minutes before the film) we will release any available seats to the rush line to either use their badge to access the screen or to purchase a single ticket.


Can I buy just one ticket to one screening?
Yes, they are $15 or you can buy a 5 or 10 pack of tickets for a discount.

I can’t find the tickets I want to buy.

Stop in at our info table to let us help you! 

I want to purchase a ticket for a specific movie. How do I find it?

Log in here: https://2019oxff.eventive.org/welcome and click the schedule to find specific films and to buy tickets.

Our friendly volunteers are here to assist you during your festival experience.

Our friendly volunteers are here to assist you during your festival experience.

I really love Oxford Film Festival, how do I make a donation?

I am glad you asked - you can donate in person any time or use our website: https://2019oxff.eventive.org/welcome

I want to transfer my passes to someone else. How do I do that?

Customers select the cog next to any event from the "My Tickets" page, click "Transfer tickets...", and then choose which tickets to transfer. An email will be sent to the desired recipient, with a button to accept the transfer. Tickets can be added to an existing Eventive account, or to an entirely new one.

Do I have to buy tickets online?
No, you can buy at the box office on site. 

Can I pay for a ticket in cash?
Yes, beginning Wednesday at noon of the festival we will have a physical box office where you can pay in cash or with a check or credit card.

I bought a pass online and have an email confirmation. How do I get it?
We ask that you pick up your physical pass at our box office during the film festival. If a single ticket, just show up at your screening with your email or PDF print out and we check you in at the door. 

What do I do with my pass?
Wear it and get access!

I lost my pass. What do I do?
Stop by our box office and let us know.

How do I reserve a seat at a film?
All films are first come-first served and can be reserved in advance online. Otherwise, passholders can get in without a ticket once those with reserved seats are seated. 

What about passholders?
VIP badges get priority seating and can reserve individual seats in advance. 

Malco Oxford Commons is the main venue with 4 screens during the film festival.

Malco Oxford Commons is the main venue with 4 screens during the film festival.

When should I arrive for a screening?
We recommend arriving at least 20 minutes early to get in either the VIP priority line or regular ticket holder line to secure a seat. Any open seats 10 minutes before the screening are released to Rush patrons.

Do I have to stand in line?
You don’t have to stand in line if you are a badge holder unless you have a seat preference and/or want to be the first to get into the theater. We recommend ticket holders get in line to secure a seat. We release any empty seats 10 minutes before the screening begins. We do have a lobby for people to wait until 20 minutes before the screening and VIPs have a green room to lounge.

A film I want to see is sold out, now what?
Use our rush ticket system. One hour before a sold out screening, visit the Box Office to ask for a rush ticket. Ten minutes before the film, any open seats will be given to rush ticket holders in order. A badge holder? Go right in. Want to buy a ticket? Don’t have to until you know you have a seat and can buy at the door.

I still have questions, help?
Email us at boxoffice@oxfordfilmfest.com or during the festival visit our information table located at the box office.

Where is this box office?
 Powerhouse Community Arts Center (413 South 14th Street) - Wednesday Noon-8 pm, Thursday 9 am to 3 pm 

 Gertrude C. Ford Center for the Performing Arts (351 University Avenue) Thursday - 4 - 9 pm

Malco Commons (206 Commonwealth Blvd) Friday-Sunday 9 am to close