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Oxford Film Festival Presents: An Evening with Matthew Graves

Join us for an evening of Matthew Graves finest works. The screening is pay what you will. Donate a $1 or a million or just come for free and invite friends. Buy a cup of coffee or a beer or enjoy some cheesecake at Shelter while you are there. Support local! 

TIL DEATH – (10 min) On the dark and stormy night of his fiancée's funeral, a grieving man, so overwhelmed at the thought of never seeing the love of his life again, makes a horrifying choice.

BARRY – (10 min) Deep beneath a cold, dark forest lies Barry who's world is thrown upside down by strange noises coming from outside his solitary home.

THE EMBALMING – (15 min) On a dark and stormy night, a disgruntled funeral home director is visited by an odd group with a simple request.

TRICK OR TREAT – (7 min) On their way to a Halloween party, Todd and Margo meet an unexpected stranger.

THE SHOW MUST GO ON – (25 min) The cast and crew of a community theatre murder/mystery have no choice but to continue the show, after an actor is actually killed.

OH, CHRISTMAS TRIAGE – (6 min) Tells the story of a young couple who run over Santa Claus on their way to a Christmas party.

OLE MISS MONSTERS – (6 min) On a dark and stormy night on the Ole Miss campus, Rebel Basketball fever is spreading.


BURY THE SHOW – (59 min) Follows the cast and crew of the Seminole, Texas high school theatre team and their quest to be the first team in school history to win the state championship.