Information for Filmmakers -- 2019 Oxford Film Festival, February 6-10, 2019, Oxford, Mississippi, USA

Congratulations! Your film has been accepted into the 16th annual Oxford Film Festival: February 6-10, 2019. We are excited to have you in our program, and whether you can join us or not, we look forward to working with you over the next two months to get your film -- and perhaps you as well -- "festival ready". 

Please bookmark this page as every question you may want to email us over the next month is likely already answered here. I PROMISE YOU BEFORE YOU EMAIL US, WE HAVE ANSWERED IT BELOW! 

At the end of this is the Most Commonly Asked Questions, so please read before you email us! 

What Information We Need from You! 


Please complete #1 immediately; #2 by January 2 and #3 if attending by January 15.

  1. Print Traffic Information (ALL FILMS) - See #2 below for more detail.

  2. Attending Filmmaker Survey (ATTENDING ONLY) - See #3 below for more detail.

Ready to send in your film?

Short film files are to be sent via Dropbox. Do not provide a DCP. We build our own DCP blocks so require a ProRes 422 or similar file (a digital file is all we ask, it is not required to be ProRes). 

Feature Filmmakers please send your DCP files and your back up Blu Ray to: (TRACKING NUMBERS ARE RECOMMENDED) 

  • Oxford Film Festival, P.O. Box 727, Oxford MS 38655

  • OR for FEDEX or UPS: Oxford Film Festival, 9 Industrial Park Drive, Suite 152 (107 if USPS), Oxford MS 38655.

Traveling to the festival?

Filmmakers receive one free room per film if not local. If you would like a second room (or more) or missed the chance to fill out the form we have a special filmmaker discount of $99 plus tax. You can book this through us only until February 1 by emailing Kristin Rogers Most films will play February 8, 9 and 10 with Wednesday February 6 a local film night and Thursday our opening night film. Films play on Feb 8-10 from 10 am to late night. 


1. Do you provide airfare and hotel? What about meals?

Airfare? No.

We are happy to provide a shuttle from the Memphis airport to your hotel complimentary. However, the drive from Memphis airport is 90 minutes so please think of that when booking your return flight. We can not provide a shuttle for a 6 am departure flight as we can't get volunteers to leave Oxford at 3 am (we have learned over the years!). So please, if you need transportation, book a flight that leaves Memphis after 8 am on your exit from Oxford. 

Hotel? Yes. --  We provide a free hotel room for out of town filmmakers (one per film for up to 3 nights, most come Thursday-Sunday), and a discount on additional rooms, for the duration of the festival. We also provide a discount for additional rooms or nights. 

Hotel Information: You will be staying at the Hampton Inn Conference Center or Towneplace Suites, across from The Oxford Conference Center and 1 block from Malco Oxford Commons or at the West locations for overflow purposes. We can not provide a free room at any other hotels. 

Meals? Yes. -- We provide a VIP tent at the Malco during Friday-Sunday with snacks and waters at the Malco Friday-Sunday and a filmmaker lounge open the entire fest and as our late night after the party wind down spot at the Hampton Inn where more snacks will be provided Wednesday-Sunday. There is also a cash bar and full concessions inside the Malco. We try to provide items for vegetarian and gluten free friends at each meal but can not always accommodate depending on donations.

We also provide appetizers and beverages (non-alcoholic and alcoholic) at our parties. (Thanks to our generous sponsors!).

Also, Oxford is a foodie paradise and there are a ton of restaurants you should try out while there. The volunteers in the filmmaker lounge will be happy to give suggestions (we also suggest our sponsors as they already love you). 

2. How do I get there? Where is Oxford?

Oxford is in North Mississippi, 70 miles from Memphis, the closest major airport. (Airport code: MEM) If you are flying, we will pick you up from the airport. If driving and need an address to the main hotel to check in at the filmmaker lounge, it is: 103 Ed Perry Blvd, Oxford MS 38655. The festival does provide a shuttle service from the airport and back, plus around town. However, if you need a rental car, the Memphis airport does provide all major car rental chains. We are unable to pay for your rental car. 

How do I get around town?

  • A festival shuttle will be provided during the festival week. The hotel also provides a shuttle to the downtown or anywhere you need to go. 

3. How many tickets can I get for the festival?

We offer up to 4 free VIP passes (includes all films, panels, parties, and the hospitality lounges) per film. Additional passes or tickets to films may be purchased at a 50% off discount as needed. 

You will receive an email to confirm the passes through Eventive. Your VIP passes give you access to everything including priority line seating, entrance to our parties, special screenings and Saturday award ceremony. You will pick these up and your gift bag at the filmmaker lounge at the Hampton Inn Conference Center upon check-in. This is for all filmmakers, even if not staying at the hotel. 

3A. What other perks are there?

Besides the free hotel and shuttle service, all films receive one VIP bag. This also includes one ticket to redeem for a free piece of merchandise at the merchandise table. We provide snacks, water, alcohol and fun all weekend as well. We also have numerous networking opportunities including a filmmaker lounge, a VIP lounge, a filmmaker lounge, workshops and more. 

4. Where do I get an OFFICIAL SELECTION laurel? 

See the link in your acceptance email or visit this link:

5. What about publicity for my film?

We will be releasing our schedule in early January. The festival arranges for a press release about accepted films to media both regionally and nationally. Our publicist, John Wildman, can assist you with additional outreach. We also have media attending the festival and will have red carpet interviews during the festival. We also provide table space at the venues for postcards. Posters can also be displayed. Previous filmmakers have also asked local businesses to hang posters. 

6. I don't have a DCP?

If you are unable to provide a DCP and have a feature, Selig Polyscope, is able to work with you at a discounted price to have one created. Email dev (@) for information. We can not accept DCP for shorts as we build our own blocks so please provide a link via the dropbox link. 

7. What about tech checks for my film?

We do a full tech check the week of the festival but also can schedule early morning tech checks on Friday and Saturday. We also ask you for any notes on your film in the print traffic form to make it the best screening possible. Arrange with Melanie by noting you want to do a tech check in your print traffic form if attending to do a tech check at the Malco. 

8. What if I don't attend and win a Hoka? What if I don't attend but want to be eligible for programmer awards?

For those that attend, they receive their prizes in hand at the awards ceremony. We are happy to ship you a certificate and laurels. Due to the nature of our jury deciding on site and not letting us know until the awards time, we are unable to let you know in advance if you won. Programmer awards are eligible for attending filmmakers only.

Please complete #1 immediately; #2 by January 6 and #3 if attending by January 15. Those are final deadlines so if you can fill them out earlier, it just helps us help you! If you do not respond to them by deadline, your fill will be pulled from the limeup. 

  1. Accepted Filmmakers Survey (ALL FILMMAKERS)

  2. Print Traffic Information (ALL FILMS)

  3. Attending Filmmaker Survey (ATTENDING ONLY)



1. For those of you attending, here are some facts to be aware of:

  • Malco is our main venue. There are two in town. Be sure to enter in the directions for the one we use: 206 Commonwealth Blvd.

    • All films play at least one time. We have some space for sold out or encore screenings. The winning films will also play on Sunday for a second time.

    • We use 5 screens at the Malco. The biggest holds 210 seats. Two others hold 110 seats. The third holds 60 seats. We use this venue Friday-Sunday.

      • We also have a green room for food and refreshments or a place to just relax. Filmmakers also have a lounge at the Hampton Inn.

    • Unless we tell you that your film is Wednesday or Thursday, then your film is playing between Friday at 10 am and Sunday at 6 pm. If you book a flight to leave Sunday morning, you may miss your screening. Feel free to consult with us about the schedule before booking any flights.

    • Since we only pay for 3 nights of hotel, many prefer to come in Thursday.


  • John Wildman is our national publicist and will be releasing a Mississippi films release and then all other film press release. He will also be arranging for media interviews for any filmmakers planning to attend (local television and radio and print and online).

  • We ask for your website and social media and will be sharing about you. Feel free to do the same for us #oxff or @oxfordfilmfest

    • We will be creating a general event on Facebook for the fest. But if you make an event for your screening, we will add it to our Facebook page if you let us know.

    • We love social media - the more social you are - the more we will share about you!

  • Promotion for once you arrive:

    • Our downtown area has bulletin boards as does the University of Mississippi campus. I highly recommend taking some time to post flyers, set postcards at bars, etc. We also have many areas at the festival venues to put information on walls or set on tables including our information area at the merchandise table.

    • John will be asking for a poster from your film to bring with you or mail in advance. He will be mounting all of the posters to be used for display and red carpet photos and media interviews.

    • John will arrange for a round of filmmaker interviews with our documentary team and attending media for Saturday during the day.

    • Saturday night at the awards ceremony is our red carpet. Please be part of it. John will have volunteers checking you in and the media will each take a turn to take photos, do interviews, etc as we guide you down the carpet.

Please ask questions! 

If you have any questions about your screening, or the festival, or Oxford itself, please do not hesitate to contact us: info[at] However, please do look above at the information as we try to anticipate your questions in advance!