15th annual Oxford Film Festival: February 2018 (February 7-11)


When to submit?

  • Submissions open for 2018 in May 2017.

Where to submit? 

We only accept submissions on Film Freeway. Emailing us a link will not be considered. 

What genres to submit?

- Fest Forward: Animated/Experimental

- Documentary Feature and  short

- Mississippi feature and short and Mississippi music video


- Music Documentary

- Narrative feature and short

- Artist Vodka competition with $5,000 cash prize and travel to the festival.

Can I get a fee waiver? 

You can fill out this request form and we will consider it. Email requests will not be considered. We do not provide any waivers for anyone after regular deadline on October 15. 

Can I get my money back if you don't accept my film?

No, that is not our policy. 

How does your process work?

We have a screening team of about 40 volunteers made up of a cross-section of the Oxford community as well as some national and international screeners including students, retirees, filmmakers and more. Three people are required to watch the film completely and then submit their review using our internal system. Then  head programmers for each category make final decisions in consultation with the Executive Director. The feedback from screeners is shared with filmmakers who request this service at the time of acceptance or rejection. At the festival we are looking above all else for a good story but technical proficiency, acting, editing, length of film and other factors are taken into consideration when screening. 

Films with distribution are ineligible. We do not pay screening fees for juried competition films. Please do not submit and accept and then ask for us to pay to screen your film. If you are interested in a special non juried screening, you may reach out to the Executive Director instead of applying through Film Freeway. 

Please enable the “Watch Later” feature on Vimeo. This makes it possible for our screeners to watch your films on the largest screen available to them. Please note that Vimeo and Youtube have trouble translating views from third party platforms such as Film Freeway but be assured that our screeners watch your film in full. 

When is notification?

  • We will notify all filmmakers by or before December 1, 2017 via Film Freeway. Please check your account on Film Freeway for any notifications. 

New to the festival circuit?