Volunteer Jaime Adams helps a guest during a Whiskey Tasting and screening in 2017.

Volunteer Jaime Adams helps a guest during a Whiskey Tasting and screening in 2017.

Volunteers are rewarded with VIP passes and shirts for their time spent with the festival and our gratitude. Whether you just want to help because you love film or if you need community service hours, we have a job for you! 

Already a volunteer? Log in to your Shiftboard here! (Don't remember your password? Select forgot password on the page!) 

Questions? Email offvolunteer at oxfordfilmfest.com

New to volunteering? We have several teams that you can join to add hours. Descriptions for each team are below. We also ask that you attend a required training session to take part in the festival. 

  • We are happy to provide you with community service hours. We ask that you work hard but also enjoy yourself while volunteering with us. We are looking for responsible people. Please do not sign up for a shift that you do not plan to actually work. If something comes up, please give us 72 hours notice so we can try to find a replacement. 
  • Perks?
    Every volunteer gets a crew shirt!
    Volunteers that work 4-9 hours get a single movie ticket for a festival movie.
    Volunteers that work 9.1-14.9 hours get a 5-pack to the festival to see 5 films or share with friends.
    Volunteers that work 15 to 23.9 hours get a weekend pass to the festival.
    Volunteers that work 24 hours or more get a VIP pass to the festival.
  • All volunteers get a shirt and any who work more than 4 hours in one day are fed during shift. Each volunteer is only valid for one pass no matter how many hours you work (although we appreciate those who work more than 23!).
  • Hours do not get applied towards other people's passes. 


PRE-FESTIVAL: This includes set up and organization of materials as well as helping with fundraisers, helping with office needs, screening events and more. 

SCREENERS: This is from May 1 - November 15 and hours vary depending on which category you screen. This does require a significant time commitment. Screeners are required to watch the entire length of a film and then use our system to write a review. Screeners are also required to check in regularly and not wait until November 15 to screen all films. This is usually a time commitment of 20 hours a month. Every film is required to be viewed in full by at least 3 people before head programmers view, so we ask for responsible people who can keep up with regular screenings. We stopped accepting applications for 2018 festival on April 16. 

BOX OFFICE and MERCH SALES TEAMS: This area includes ticket sales, badge check-in, information table, OFF merchandise, and filmmakers merchandise during the actual festival. Can you use a Square reader? Do you have a friendly smile and are great at welcoming people? Then this is the job for you! 

MEDIA/DOC CREW TEAMS: This area includes distribution of posters and tabloids, red carpet organization, panel support, mail outs, videography, and filmmaker interviews. There is a variety of pre-festival positions, during the festival shifts and post-festival positions. 

PROJECTION SUPPORT/SCREENS: Screen managers, line managers, screen directors and ushers are needed to ensure that the festival runs smoothly. Jobs vary from handing out pencils and ballots as an usher to handling a screen's technical needs to managing an entire shift of the festival. Line managers help keep the transition in and out of films smooth. Many of these jobs do require the ability to stand for at least 2 hours. Projection support and Virtual Reality technicians are also needed. Training is provided for all positions. 

HOSPITALITY: This area includes working in or coordinating the Green Room and set up, execution and take down of the film festival parties. We need volunteers to serve, stock and arrange during the festival and also people who would like to get more involved with pre-festival planning. 

TRANSPORTATION : This requires you to be at least 21 years of age to use the festival shuttles. Under 21 can drive their own car for airport routes. Responsible people are needed for airport pick ups and for driving around town. This is a fun way to get to know filmmakers! 

If you have any questions, please contact Sarah Wadford at off volunteer at oxfordfilmfest.com

If you have further questions, please see our Volunteer FAQ page.