OxFilm is a collaborative effort between Oxford Film Festival and Yoknapatawpha Arts Council to enhance film as a cultural, artistic and economic driver for the Lafayette County-Oxford and University population. OxFilm seeks to promote education and provide tools to support local filmmakers while encouraging films to be made in our community. 

 Where: All OxFilm Society events take place at the Powerhouse Community Arts Center at 413 South 14th Street or at 9 Industrial Park Drive in Oxford, Miss. unless otherwise indicated.

 How: Through your generous support the community can participate in workshops and panels and filmmakers can rent affordable film-making equipment and have access to top end post production facilities. 

To join as a member, sign up here.

Memberships range from student annual fees of $40 to lifetime memberships of $200. 

To see our workshops, visit the Calendar of Events.

To RSVP or buy tickets for an event - BUY TICKETS  OR RSVP HERE.

Film Equipment Rental

We have a range of equipment available for filmmakers from sound to lighting to camera gear. Please contact oxfilmsociety {a} gmail.com for the list of equipment, stop by the Powerhouse Community Arts Center or see the list here

Prices are flexible for members from free to a percentage off materials. Non-members may rent for regular rates.

To request rental please ask with at least 48 hours advance notice and fill out this form

For rental rates, click here. 

Powerhouse Screening Information (outside of Oxford Film Festival)
If you would like to be considered for a film screening as part of Oxford Film Festival monthly programming, contact us at info [at]oxfordfilmfest.com

Exhibition Formats:
We currently only accept submissions in DVD or Blu-Ray and digital formats. We are working to raise funds for a 16 and 35MM projector for future events. 

Questions? Email us! 

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