(February 2, 2016) – The 2016 Oxford Film Festival (February 17- 21) announced today that three virtual reality (VR) projects will join the previously announced SEARCHING FOR HELL to complete an impressive debut of VR experiences for Mississippi film goers at the fest, with Opening Night a little more than two weeks away.

Two of the projects joining the previously announced feature length documentary, SEARCHING FOR HELL, are Lynnette Walllworth’s COLLISIONS and Randal Kleiser’s first foray into the VR world, DEFROST, which both enjoyed popular and critical acclaim at the just concluded Sundance Film Festival. The third addition is James Kaelan’s exercise in philosophical horror, THE VISITOR.

The 4 VR films will be available the length of the festival starting Wednesday, February 17 at 6:00pm until Sunday, February 21. Oxford Film Festival film goers can experience the VR projects at the Powerhouse Community Arts Center (413 South 14th St.) Thursday - Sunday from 12:00pm – 6:00pm.

A panel discussing the artistry and technology behind VR has also been added on Friday at 11:00 a.m. as part of the art reception at the Powerhouse with the filmmakers in attendance participating.

Oxford Film Festival Executive Director Melanie Addington said, “I could not be more thrilled that we have been able to add to our VR offering this year to make it a full section of the film festival. A primary objective of our Sundance trip was to scout and secure virtual reality projects to bring back to Mississippi, so the fact that we were able to nab two of our favorites was a huge win for the Oxford Film Festival. This is a diverse group of projects that will virtually place audience members in foreign lands, scary situations, and fascinating worlds in a way that is visceral, dynamic and exciting, and frankly – is the next technological step in connecting them with the story.”

Tickets and passes are available for purchase to attend the 2016 Oxford Film Festival. For more information go to



Lead Artist: Lynette Wallworth

Country: Australia

Live action/animated documentary about Nyarri Morgan, the indigenous leader of the Martu tribe in Western Australia. Morgan recounts his profound first contact with Western culture and the dramatic collision between his traditional world view and the cutting edge of modern technology.

DEFROST (2016)

Lead Artist: Randal Kleiser

In this futuristic, sci-fi, live-action VR adventure, viewers are put in the seat of a woman who wakes up after being frozen for nearly 30 years, to reunite with her family. The reunion is bittersweet, as the passage of time has caused her loved ones to become strangers.


Directors: Pawel Nazaruk, Tomasz Adamski, Darek Barecki, Yuki Nakamura, Gloria Kurnik, James Kenney

Country: USA

Hell exists. It’s just not what you think it is. The world’s first full-length documentary film in virtual reality cinema.


Director: James Kaelan

Country: USA

In this work of philosophical horror, at an austere compound in the desert, a woman waits for her greatest fear to materialize. 

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The Oxford Mom in the spotlight

Beyond the Gates magazine recently did a feature story on the Oxford Mom, Lynda Addington.

Written by Blake Thompson

Eric Snider, Jason Ritter, Rob Benedict and Richard Speight Jr with the Oxford Mom, Lynda Addington, in the center at the Oxford Film Festival.

Eric Snider, Jason Ritter, Rob Benedict and Richard Speight Jr with the Oxford Mom, Lynda Addington, in the center at the Oxford Film Festival.

Oxford Film Fest’s Favorite Mom

Lynda Addington is making her mark on the Oxford Film Fest 

When Harry and Lynda Addington moved to Oxford nearly ten years ago to be closer to their daughter and grandson, Lynda had no idea that she would find a little bit of Hollywood in Mississippi through her daughter's involvement with the Oxford Film Fest.

"When we moved here Melanie was volunteering with the festival. I didn't realize it that year, and we were in Cancun. But the next year I went and just did whatever she needed me to do to help out. The year after that I started helping in the green room," she remembers. The early days of the festival were a little more simple she recalls. "It was just me in the party room of the Malco having food and breakfast and stuff for the VIPs. I did that for a few years, and then I looked at Melanie and asked how much I could donate so I didn't have to work!" she laughs. "I thought, 'What can I do where I can still go to the parties and see my kids and not do tons of work."

The coming years Lynda was able to relax a little more and enjoy the festival and spend time with her extended family of visiting filmmakers she calls her kids. "These same kids kept coming back year after year and they started calling me 'Mom'," she says. 

Harry enjoys the festival to, but in a different way. "He likes to go and watch all the movies. Some of the years I was working and I never got to see a movie. I was always in the green room." But these days she and a friend make it a point to watch some movies together. But more that the movies Lynda enjoys the people who return to Oxford for multiple festivals. "I really enjoy my kids who come back year after year. I like to visit with them. They're so sweet and I love them to death."

"Last year I made one of them a chocolate meringue pie. I took it to his hotel room and said, 'I'm not doing this next year!' But that was a big deal because no other film festival has someone who will make them a personal pie."

For the 2015 festival Lynda filled in with making the gift bags. She ended up making 148 brownies and Tim Blake Nelson gave her special recognition for Lynda and her brownies in his acceptance speech. 

Their daughter, Melanie Addington has always been a fan of movies, especially independent films. While in college she was a film minor and did film criticism for the school's paper. When she moved to Oxford in 2003 it was the first year of the Oxford Film Festival, and by year three she was volunteering. "I grew up in San Diego and LA where we had lots of theater and independent films being shown. So I wanted to be very involved in the film festival from the beginning." 

Addington's involvement with the festival has grown over the years. She became co-director in 2008 and just this past year she was named executive director. "This is the first time the festival has had a full time paid director," she says." 

Over the last dozen years she has seen the Oxford Film Festival expand in its scope and size. "It's been really exciting to watch it grow into something that is talked about no the national level," she says. "For 2016 we've doubled the number of submissions and the number of sponsors. Everything has been growing rapidly for the festival. And it's exciting to be at the helm of that and to help steer it all."

This year they are adding lots of new things to the festival. They have increased the number of parties and the panels. "The panels are free this year," Melanie says. "So people can learn about film making or how to get your kids involved in casting. There are so man topics." Usually the festival has had 75-100 films but this year it looks like they will have 125 to 150 with many of them special screenings.

One particular event Melanie is looking forward to is the kickoff event on Wednesday night at the Powerhouse. "You can watch food documentaries and what what you are seeing on screen," she explains.

Melanie is a film maker herself with Velvet Ditch Productions. "I'm working on a feature documentary right now. I've done narratives. I'm still leaning the craft and haven't found my unique thing yet. I like horror movies too," she laughs. "I'm still figuring it out.

Melanie takes a lot of inspiration for her films from both her reading and real life. "I always have a stack of about eight books I'm reading at once." But it is not only books that give her ideas. "I feel that way about everything. I'll hear a conversation and think, 'That would be a great part of a movie!' Another habit I have is passing by a vacant building and think of how I can turn that into a theater," she laughs. 

And through it all she has been glad to see her mom be such a part of the festival. "My mom likes celebrities," she laughs. "So it was an easy way to hook her in. She was proud of all the work I was putting into the festival, and she wanted to support it however she could. Mom and Dad are both retired so they have some time to help out."

Melanie has had to call her dad on some last minute duties too. "If someone doesn't show up to take someone to the airport I can call my dad at five in the morning, and he will take them to Memphis." And she remembers Lynda making the huge batch of brownies. "Mom adds an extra touch of hospitality to everything."

And she loves knowing that her film-making friends enjoy her mom too. "I travel to lots of festivals, and sometimes you're on your own. Sometimes there are nice volunteers, but you're meeting new people every time. It kind of makes people feel warm and fuzzy when they're embraced by my mother year after year and she makes them feel welcome."

And Lynda loves seeing her daughter doing what she loves. "I'm such a proud mom," Lynda says. She remember last year when the festival was going through some changes and the future was uncertain. But the steering committee was formed by Wayne Andrews of the Arts Council and soon Melanie was named executive director. "This is Melanie's calling," Lynda says. "And she's good at it too. Last year I was crying on the last night because I was afraid I wouldn't see everyone again. And when she got that job I was so proud. She's known in so many places because of the film festival. Now she gets to run with her ideas. She's going to make it grow."

If you are interested in the Film Fest next month you can buy tickets at the various venues, but the easiest way is to purchase them online at There is loads of information about both the festival and the monthly events you will be able to attend. 


Film Makers of the Oxford Film Fest

As a supplement to the story on Lynda Addington and the Oxford Film Fest I reached out to a few of the regular participants about their experiences with the festival and their interaction with Mrs. Addington.

From Kim Voynar, Seattle based film producer. You can find her at

First maybe a bit of background. I've been involved with Oxford FF since 2006 ... 2007? Melanie's second year of the fest. At the time I was Film Festivals Editor for Cinematical/AOL and Melanie Addington and Michelle Emmanuel reached out to me to ask if I'd serve on a jury and do a panel. I ended up helping them connect with quite a few industry folks that first year to bone up the professionalism of their juries and panels .And then I came to Oxford and fell in love with the town and the people and with what their staff was trying to grow.

All of the staff who started this fest were passionate and dedicated and committed, and like all successful fests Oxford FF is blessed with equally passionate and dedicated volunteers. But I knew from the first day I met her that Melanie had a fire and an ambition burning under the surface and it was my intuition that first year that she would be integral to the fest growing beyond Oxford and that she'd be running it within a decade, unless she decided she wanted to do something else. 

Over the past eight years I watched Oxford FF evolve from a very small-town fest that first year I was here - they were still just figuring out how to even work professionally with industry juries at that point, and the quality of the films was very typical of an early iteration of a regional film festival. The quality of the films has grown every year, and this is in part because Melanie has made a point of traveling extensively to other regional festivals, networking with other fest programmers and filmmakers and making the connections that you need in order to attract both the quality of films you need to continue to improve a festival and the level of industry expertise you can bring in for your juries at panels. 

It's a bit of a chicken and egg thing, and I could write an entire piece on how I think Oxford is a great model for how to grow a regional film festival into something that the industry takes note of. It's hard to get filmmakers, even new ones, to submit and commit their film to an emerging fest. The first year I came Oxford FF had zero reputation outside of the town itself. I sent out emails to some of my closest industry friends, film critics and bloggers who had national and international reputations, and literally begged some of them to jury and panel with me that year. I'm a persuasive person I guess, because many of them did. But once I got them here, the festival staff and the town itself - led in part by Lynda Addington - did the rest.

What Oxford has done really well is play to its core strengths: friendliness and Southern hospitality. This fest takes better, more personal care of its guests that almost any fest I've gone to, and I've traveled the fest circuit extensively for decade as a critic, juror and panelist. The parties at Oxford are intimate and friendly and the FOOD! There is always food at this fest and since most of us don't live in the South, we come here and gorge ourselves for a few days. I really can't emphasize what a difference the level of hospitality at this fest makes. Indie filmmakers have to travel around to support their films on their own dime, after wiping out their bank accounts to get their film even made. When a fest takes great care of its guests, it's a way of showing the deep respect the fest has - both for the work these artists put into their films, and of making industry guests feel the time they are giving up to watch films and jury, to come to Oxford for four days and watch more films and talk on panels, is not just worth the time, but something desirable that they want to do again.

Once we persuaded folks to come that first year, they spread so much love about Oxford FF that it's become a competitive thing among critics and bloggers to come out to the fest to jury and panel. That positive buzz, in turn, spreads to the indie filmmaker circle because it's a small industry - there's a great deal of Venn diagram overlap there. And that makes it easier for the fest to up the ante with their programming slate because when you have better filmmakers submitting their films to your fest, you just have a better batch to choose from. And now we have a lot of filmmakers and actors who've been to Oxford and had a wonderful experience submitting films every year. They want to come back! All this has allowed Oxford FF to emerge over the past eight years into one of the key smaller regional festivals on the Southern circuit.

And while there are many wonderful volunteers and patrons of the fest I could also spotlight, Lynda Addington, Melanie's mom, has emerged over that same time period into Festival Mom. She's the one who nurtures the filmmakers and industry guest, talks to them, tsks over them, makes sure they have their coats on when it's blustery, gives them rides. When you're on the road a lot, one of the things you miss is those kinds of personal connections. Lynda makes Oxford feel like a second home to festival guests, welcoming them with a big hug. I understand popular film blogger Eric D. Snider and actor Jason Ritter have developed quite a friendly fest-brother rivalry for the title of "Lynda's Favorite Festival Son" and the homemade banana bread that comes with said title. 

Lynda's also fiercely proud of her daughter, as she should be. I think it's cool that over the years they've been able to work together for the festival as mother and adult daughter. Having lost my own mom to cancer last year, I find I really appreciate those "mom" things in others that make me feel nurtured in the space where that loss lives.

Don Lewis: Film maker from Northern California. His website is

I think the Oxford Film Festival is a perfect example of a smaller, regional fest done perfectly. Each year there's more interesting people brought in to help get buzz for the festival and every year it seems to get bigger in terms of attendance. I love OFF because the community really shows up to see the films and panels plus, everyone who runs the festival really goes out of their way to make you feel at home. Plus, Oxford is fantastic!

Mrs. Addington and I became fast friends at my first fest, oh, maybe 5 years ago. She's just a sweet lady who is so proud of what Melanie has helped accomplish. And she should be! Melanie is a smart and exceptionally talented film programmer and a lovely person as well. Lynda has always been incredibly kind to me, even above and beyond the norm.

A great example is the year before last fest (so, 2014) she was discussing her baking skills...or maybe she had baked something for a fellow out-of-towner. I jokingly started playing hurt and said I wanted a baked good and, she said she'd make me a pie. It became kind of a running joke for the rest of the festival.

Cut to last festival and I had just arrived in my hotel room and sat down. There was a knock at the door and when I answered it, the gal from the front desk had a freshly baked chocolate pie from Lynda to me! It was AMAZING and it was still warm. I'm not a real big sweets guy, but that pie was among the best I've ever had! It was an incredibly sweet and kind gesture that I'll never forget.

The festival overall has a real hometown vibe to it as well. Oxford is a fantastic town and I truly love coming out every year and plan to do so as long as they'll have me. After last years awards ceremony I gave a little speech about how Oxford and the community of art, music and film fans there are very special to me. When I walked out later, Ronzo (Ron Shapiro) said to me "Hey, welcome home." When an Oxford legend like Ronzo says that to you, he's either saying it to everyone or you've earned it and either way, I felt special. Getting to attend Oxford Film Festival and meeting the people there is also incredibly special.

Eric D. Snider is a freelance writer, critic, and humorist and lives in Portland, Oregon.

I've only missed one Oxford FF since 2008, and what's always impressed me is how the festival gets better every year. It hasn't plateaued. Every year they learn from what happened last time, and they improve. The movies are getting better. The organization is getting better. And it was pretty good to begin with!

Lynda is great. Right from the start, she was very friendly to me and all the other out-of-town visitors that her daughter was in charge of shepherding. When I became a repeat visitor, she declared me one of her "children" and claimed I was one of her favorites, although I think she says that to everyone. She's always there with a hug, a smile, a compliment, a ride back to the hotel, or whatever. Her job title should be Oxford Film Festival Mom. 

She has offered to let me stay at her home if I ever want to  come into town early or stay a few days late. I haven't taken her up on it yet, but I might someday. She's one of my favorite Oxford people. 


Michael Williams is a film maker from West Point, MS.

The Oxford Film Festival has always been an amazing film festival creating amazing opportunities for both filmmakers and film fans. Each year, it keeps improving and providing even better opportunities. I’m always recommending the festival in which they should submit and attend. 

Lynda is always such a welcoming and supportive presence in Oxford. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing her for more than 5 years. She takes on the role as the Oxford mother to many of us in the Mississippi film community. The main time that we see her each year is at the Oxford Film Festival, and she always makes us feel welcome and support our filmmaking efforts.

Between helping with hospitality, giving some of us places to stay, making treats for us to enjoy, and just being so friendly, she has always added something special to OFF. 

I can’t think of any specific stories, but she would always make sure we knew that there was something good at the hospitality tent. That was always a helpful hint!

Skizz Cyzyk is a Baltimore based writer, musician, and award winning film maker.

I am often asked to give advice to young filmmakers, and one piece of advice that I always give is to make sure that smaller, regional festivals are on their radar.  I let them know that they are more likely to have a better time at a festival like Oxford Film Festival, than they are at larger festivals like Sundance.  I have made a lot of good friends at film festivals over the years, and I can’t say I met many of them at larger festivals. 

I was very glad when Melanie got the job, because Oxford Film Fest already had so much going for it, with a real knack for making the most of its resources, that it would have been a shame to see the festival take a few steps backwards if the fest were suddenly in the hands of someone with less experience, particularly less experience at OFF.  A complete turnover in staff is rarely a good thing for a film festival.  I’m looking forward to seeing how OFF progresses under Melanie’s new leadership, and have no doubt she will only expand upon all of the good qualities the festival already had.

Lynda is like the official Festival Mom of OFF.  She is a friendly face that adds more Southern charm to an already charming festival.

Besides just being friendly and being someone guests can pal around with, she has baked pies for some of the visiting guests.  That is a personal touch you don’t find at many film festivals.  She is always available to give rides and help visitors navigate Oxford.

One of my favorite things in general is having meals with friends.  I have had meals with Lynda during OFF; during Sidewalk in Birmingham, Alabama; and during Indie Memphis.  Whenever she and I are at the same film festival, if I don’t get to have a meal with her, I feel like my trip isn’t complete. I’m now remembering one meal where, instead of discussing film and film festivals, Lynda and I discussed our mutual fandom for Neil Young. 

Oxford Film Festival Releases the 2016 schedule



 21 short films ALSO set to debut for the first time AND 80 FILMMAKERS WILL ATTEND THE FEST REPRESENTING THEIR FILMS

Oxford, MS (January 5, 2016) – The 2016 Oxford Film Festival announced the full schedule and complete slate of films for this year’s edition. A record breaking 144 films (25 features, 119 shorts and music videos) representing 14 countries were selected for the film festival taking place February 17-21 in Oxford, Mississippi. A series of special filmmaker panels including a talk with film and television star Joey Lawrence will be offered for Mississippi filmgoers to attend, 21 short films will screen for the first time anywhere, and 21 alumni filmmakers will see their latest work screen at Oxford with as many as 80 filmmakers planning to attend the popular film festival.

Narrative feature films in competition this year include; Claire Carré’s EMBERS; A.D. Calvo’s THE MISSING GIRL; Kostadin Bonev’s THE SINKING OF SOZOPOL; John W. Mann and Jon Gunn’s THE WEEK; and Rupert Glasson’s WHAT LOLA WANTS. Documentary features in competition are; Gerald Peary’s ARCHIE’S BETTY; Nick Brandestini’s CHILDREN OF THE ARCTIC; Ryan Kelley’s DIXIE; Neal Broffman’s HELP US FIND SUNIL TRIPATHI; and Sara Kaye Larson and Joann Self Selvidge’s THE KEEPERS. The presentation of the Oxford Film Festival’s Hoka Awards will take place on Saturday, February 20 at The Lyric (1006 Van Buren Avenue).

Oxford Film Festival Executive Director Melanie Addington said, “The Oxford Film Festival continues to grow and this year’s selections – both in subject matter, representation from around the world, and the sheer number of films chosen – reflects that. As always, we are celebrating our ‘home grown’ filmmakers and their work, but we are also screening films with provocative subjects, from different cultures and a myriad of genres in our effort to deliver a broad spectrum of experiences in the theater to our eager Mississippi film fans. We also are thrilled at the idea of having so many filmmakers attend the festival this year to be here in-person, see their work screened, and be available to talk to the public about their movies.”

Highlights among the feature film selections include “can’t-miss” documentaries like; Amy Berg’s devastating documentary AN OPEN SECRET about the sexual abuse of minors in Hollywood; Les Blank’s A POEM IS A NAKED PERSON, his long-awaited profile of musician Leon Russell; Abigail Disney’s THE ARMOR OF LIGHT, which takes a look at an evangelical preacher’s efforts to discuss gun control; the world premiere of local filmmaker Rex Jones’ LONGLEAF: THE HEAR OF PINE, which traces the history and current status of the South’s primeval forest; and Joanne Grant’s Fundi: The Story of Ella Baker, which looks at the life of the civil rights figure.

On the narrative front, standouts include; Tony Bloodworth’s thriller FORCED MOVEand Mark Potts’ superhero comedy SPAGHETTI MAN which will both make their world premieres; 5-Second Films’ 80’s slasher films parody DUDE BRO PARTY MASSACRE III which is sure to be a crowd pleaser; Johnny Remo’s SAVED BY GRACE stars Joey Lawrence as a bitter ex-cop trying to come to terms with a tragic past with the help of a new relationship which brings some grace into his life; Max Myers’ SLIP, TUMBLE, AND SLIDE features Scott Wilson and Katherine Ross in a story about overcoming addiction through faith, music and love; an encore screening of John Stuart Wildman’s critically acclaimed grindhouse genre film THE LADIES OF THE HOUSE starring Anime voice talent Brina Palencia and former adult film star Michelle ‘Belladonna’ Sinclair; and a special presentation of the restored JONATHAN DEMME PRESENTS MADE IN TEXAS short film compilation about the punk rock scene of the 70s and early 80s, originally screened in 1981. 

The series of panels offered are headed by a “Conversation with…Joey Lawrence” where he will discuss his career including his experiences being a teen idol and his new faith-based film SAVED BY GRACE, and include additional compelling panel subjects subjects such as “Casting Character Actors”, “Producing Films in Mississippi”, “Casting Child Actors”, “Dissecting Hollywood’s Diversity Problem”, “How to Get Film Critics to review Your Film”, and “Independent Black Film Collective”.

World premieres and star wattage dot the ambitious slate of short films screening at Oxford this year. Among the 21 world premieres are; Michaela O’Brien’s Anatomical Gifts; Jeremy Jensen’s Araignee; George Gross’ BOOKER WRIGHT’S MASHUP; Damein Wash’s Bottle of Sunshine; G.B. Shannon’sBroke Dick Dog; Kimberly Burleigh’s CANNOT PREDICT NOW; Eileen Myers’ THE FAVOR; Thad Lee’s FIDDLER’S GREEN; Jordan Liebwitz’s Hit & RUN; Sajad Abbas’ THE IRAQI SUPERMAN; Tate Moore’s Kudzu Kings 20th Anniversary; Michael Jackson Chaney’s LITTLE STICKER; Tim O'Grady’s MO’ BOUT JOE; James Martin’s THE NEW ORLEANS SAZERAC; Nancy Maria Balach and Katie McLaughlin’s Ole Miss Rebel Blues; Alice Walker’s Once A Month; Jason Rochelle’s One Star Delta Night; Calum Macdiarmid’s PREACHERMAN; Gloria Chung’s River Moon Black Birds; Roberta Munroe’s THE SIBLING CODE; and Gloria Chung’s Take the Bus on a Hot Summer Day.

Recognizable faces popping up among the short film selections include; Alex Karpovsky in Michael Tyburski’s Actor Seeks Role; Alvaro Ron’s THE RED THUNDER features the trio of television stars Allie Grant (“Weeds”), Miles Heizer (“Parenthood”), and Karen Strassman (“Silicon Valley”); Jeff Tan’s MOTHER’S DAY stars Academy Award-winner Melissa Leo; and Ridley Scott and Michael Fassbender are producers of David Victori’s ZERO.

2016 will mark a banner year for Oxford filmmaking alumni. Among the seemingly countless local filmmakers seeing their work screen at the festival for the second or third, etc. time are; ARCHIE’S BETTY director Gerald Peary Archie’s Betty (FOR THE LOVE OF MOVIES/2010); BROKE DICK DOG director G.B. Shannon (FRESH SKWEEZED/2012, PRETTY MONSTERS/2012, SONGS IN THE KEY OF DEATH/2013 and more); (Down Down Down director Coop Cooper (The Best Day/2012); Fallen Star AJC & The Envelope Pushers director Clay Hardwick; Fiddler’s Green director Thad Lee (Bill Lilly Builds a Greenhouse/2011); Fitting the Description in North Portland director Jarratt Taylor (THE NEW DEBUTANTES/2012); The Happy Song director Coop Cooper (The Best Day/2012); Hit & Run director Jordan Liebowitz (BINGO NIGHT/2015); THE HOUSE IS INNOCENT director: Nicholas Coles (TOWN PLANNER/2005);  INTERSECTION director Brendan Beachman (STASIS/2009); Life is Super Gr8 director: Wade Vanover (REPEATER/2015); LIVING WITH H.I.V. director Kathryn A. Rodenmeyer (UPROOTED/2005); Nirvana: A Short Film About Lung Cancer director J. Michael Hicks (PICTURE SHOW/2014); River Moon Black Birds and TAKE THE BUS ON A HOT SUMMER DAY director Gloria Chung (TAKE 5 WITH MEMORY V/2015); Rock Me Slow director Edward Valibus (Songs in the Key of Death/2014); Snow Day director: Drew Smith (BOOK OF NOAH/2008 and BEING AWESOME/2014); STAGRASSLE PARANORMAL director Glenn Payne (A HORROR MOVIE/2015); and ’Til Death director Matthew Graves (Dummy/2007, The Show Must Go On/2012, Barry/2015).

 Tickets and passes are available for purchase to attend the 2016 Oxford Film Festival. For more information go to For the full program, go to and for the online schedule, visit



 Feature Films

A Poem is a Naked Person (2015)

Director: Les Blank

Country: USA, Running Time: 90 min

An ineffable mix of unbridled joy and vérité realism, A Poem Is a Naked Person presents the beloved singer-songwriter and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Leon Russell as filmed by documentarian Les Blank between 1972 and 1974. This singular film about an artist and his community never got an official theatrical release and has attained legendary status. Now, after more than forty years, it can finally be seen and heard in all its rough beauty.


An Open Secret (2015)

Director: Amy J. Berg

Country: USA, Running Time: 98 min

An Open Secret is an expose of the systemic and ongoing sexual abuse of minors in Hollywood and the investigation into the now infamous Digital Entertainment Network (DEN).


Archie’s Betty (2015)

Director: Gerald Peary

Country: USA, Running Time: 79 min

An independent documentary search for the real-life characters behind Archie comics.



Director: Abigail Disney

Country: USA, Running Time: 88 min

What price conscience? Abigail Disney's directorial debut, The Armor of Light, follows the journey of an Evangelical minister trying to find the courage to preach about the growing toll of gun violence in America.


Babysitter (2015)

Director: Morgan Krantz

Country: USA, Running Time: 80 min

A dysfunctional L.A. family hires a mysterious babysitter who changes their lives.


Children of the Arctic (2015)

Director: Nick Brandestini

Country: Switzerland, Running Time: 93 min

Children of the Arctic is a portrait of Native Alaskan teenagers coming of age at America's northernmost edge. As their climate and culture undergo profound changes, they strive to be both modern American kids and the inheritors of an ancient whaling culture.


Dixie (2015)

Director: Ryan Kelley

Country: USA, Running Time: 93 min

The song “Dixie” has haunted the United States for over 150 years. Written in 1859 by a blackface minstrel, the song became the national anthem for the confederacy during the American Civil War. Modern musicians, both black and white, have reinterpreted the song and offered new insights into what it means to be an American, and what the future holds for America's most dangerous song.


Dude Bro Party Massacre III (2015)

Directors: Tomm Jacobsen, Michael Rousselet, Jon Salmon

Country: USA, Running Time: 102 min

Behold comedy troupe 5-Second Films’ hysterical twist on 1980’s slasher flicks. In the wake of two back-to-back mass murders on Chico’s frat row, loner Brent Chirino must infiltrate the ranks of a popular fraternity to investigate his twin brother's murder at the hands of the serial killer known as Motherface.


Embers (2015)

Director: Claire Carré

Country: USA, Running Time: 85 min

After a global neurological epidemic, those who remain search for meaning and connection in a world without memory. Five interwoven stories explore how we might learn, love and communicate in a future that has no past.


FORCED MOVE (2016) - World Premiere
Director: Tony Bloodworth

Country: USA, Running Time: 79 min
A man discovers a series of brutal murders while on his daily jog.  Realizing his home is next in the path of the killers, he races against time to save his family.


Fundi: The Story of Ella Baker (2015)

Director: Joanne Grant

Country: USA; Running Time: 63 min

Documentary reveals the instrumental role that Ella Baker, a friend and advisor to Martin Luther King, played in shaping the American civil rights movement. By looking at the 1960s from the perspective of Baker, the "godmother of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee," Fundi adds an essential understanding of the U.S. civil rights movement.


Help Us Find Sunil Tripathi (2015)

Director: Neal Broffman

Country: USA; Running Time: 75 min

A family's search for their missing son and the hunt for suspects in a terror attack tragically converge in Help Us Find Sunil Tripathi, a film about truth and community in the age of social media.


Jonathan Demme Presents Made in Texas (2015)

Country: USA; Running Time: 103 min

The film presentation is a series of six restored short films from Austin, Texas made during the high energy, punk rock ‘70s and ‘80s. Demme originally curated this program in 1981 and the films have been restored and presented as they were from the original screening.



Directors: Sara Kaye Larson, Joann Self Selvidge

Country: USA, Running Time: 70 min

The Keepers is a portrait of the personalities and work of zookeepers shot with unprecedented behind-the-scenes access at the Memphis Zoo. A bittersweet, nonjudgmental look at what it means to find a place for yourself, working a job that you love.


Ladies of the House (2015)

Director: John Wildman

Country: USA; Running Time: 93 min

Film follows the events surrounding a birthday outing with two brothers and a friend which turns into a horrific fight for survival after they become trapped in a house with a "family" of malevolent women who enjoy a pin-up lifestyle and a special diet.


LongLeaf: The Heart of Pine (2015) – World Premiere

Director: Rex Jones

Country: USA; Running Time: 54 min

A cultural and natural history of the South's ancient primeval forest. Towering stands of old-growth longleaf pine (pinus palustris) once covered over 90 million acres while stretching from southern Virginia to eastern Texas. Today, the total acreage is about two million, with only about two thousand of that considered old growth.



Director: A.D. Calvo

Country: USA, Running Time: 89 min

The Missing Girl tells the story of Mort, the lonely and disillusioned owner of a comic book shop, and Ellen, the emotionally disruptive, aspiring graphic novelist he's hired. The story involves the search for a girl who isn’t missing and the discovery that it's never too late for late bloomers.


Saved by Grace (2015)

Director: Johnny Remo

Country: USA, Running Time: 82 min

A retired police officer (Joey Lawrence), despondent over the loss of his family, contemplates a dramatic decision which will change his life forever, until he meets a mysterious woman who, through her personal stories, gives him a reason to re-examine what is most important to him.


Searching for Hell (2015)

Directors: Pawel Nazaruk, Tomasz Adamski, Darek Barecki, Yuki Nakamura, Gloria Kurnik, James Kenney

Country: USA, Running Time: 77 min

Hell exists. It’s just not what you think it is. The world’s first full-length documentary film in virtual reality cinema.



Director: Kostadin Bonev

Country: Bulgaria, Running Time: 100 min

An aging man goes back to Sozopol and brings along his memories and ten bottles of vodka. It is clear that when the vodka is over, something must happen. Something that will change his life forever. Because when hope is gone, a miracle is the last resort.


Slip, Tumble and Slide (2015)

Director: Max Myers

Country: USA; Running Time: 96 min

A family struggles to help the father (Scott Wilson) stop drinking and regain the close ties he once had to his sons and to his wife (Katherine Ross). With love, faith and music the come together as a family.


Spaghetti Man (2015) - World Premiere

Director: Mark Potts

Country: USA, Running Time: 88 min

Clark doesn't care about you. He doesn't care about the world. He barely cares about himself. But after an incident with an old bowl of spaghetti and a malfunctioning microwave, he becomes a superhero that can fight crime with the power of spaghetti. However, you have to pay him.


Texas Heart (2015)

Director: Mark David

Country: USA, Running Time: 100 min

Film tells the story of Peter Franklin, a crooked lawyer who's caught up in a loveless existence, loses a critical case for the mob, and runs off to hide out in a backwoods Texas town. There he encounters a compelling story involving a mentally-challenged young man who is accused of killing a beautiful girl. Frank soon faces an agonizing choice:  ignore the case in order to remain anonymous and far from the prying eyes of the mob or reach out and try to save the young man.


THE WEEK (2015)

Directors:  John W. Mann, Jon Gunn

Country: USA, Running Time: 97 min

Dick Romans is a washed up TV host whose wife leaves him the day before their ten-year anniversary celebration. Alone with his thoughts, his dog, and a ton of booze, Dick decides to go through with the week-long party... by himself. The seven event-filled days become his reluctant vision quest, filled with odd characters, awkward romance, and some long-overdue self-examination.



Director: Rupert Glasson

Country: USA, Running Time: 81 min

17-year old Lola Franklin runs away from home but allows the world to believe she has been kidnapped. Intent on making her way across country, she meets a boy her age in a New Mexico diner. They fall instantly in love. But when Marlo learns of the reward for Lola's safe return, he must confront his own past and decide whether to take Lola back home to collect the reward or help her continue her mysterious journey.



Short Films and Music Videos


A King’s Betrayal (2015)

Director: David A Bornstein

Country: USA; Running Time: 8:27 min

The final 24 hours in the life of a Piñata, as told from the Piñata's perspective.


A Place Within a Place (2015)

Director: Edward Ramsay-Morin

Country: USA, Running Time: 2:22 min

Starting as a study in form and variability, this film soon developed into a meditation on isolation, transformation, presence and absence. It is composed from photographs of 400 exit holes from cicada nymph tunnels.


Actor Seeks Role (2015)

Director: Michael Tyburski

Country: USA; Running Time: 19 min

An aspiring method actor (Alex Karpovsky) in New York City resorts to medical acting, a part-time gig performing the symptoms of various illnesses for student doctors.


Affections (2015)

Director: Bridey Elliott

Country: USA; Running Time: 16:08 min

A comedy about isolation and loneliness, Affections follows a young woman, adrift, seeking intimacy in the most unlikely places.


American Virgin (2015)

Director: Tamzin Merchant

Country: USA; Running Time: 16:44 min

Allie is desperate to attend Juilliard summer school but her family can't afford it. With the help of her older cousin Ty, she decides to sell her most valuable asset…her virginity.


Anatomical Gifts (2016) - World Premiere

Director: Michaela O'Brien

Country: USA; Running Time: 5:58 min

An intensely patterned silent film spanning three generations of palpable minds. All medical imagining is sourced from the related grandmother, mother, and filmmaker.


Araignee (2016) - World Premiere

Director: Jeremy Jensen

Country: USA; Running Time: 1:22 min

Two talented spiders compete against each other. Who will be the best weaving master?


Atchafalaya (2015)

Director: Brian C Miller Richard

Country: USA; Running Time: 21 min

With his marriage on the rocks, Game Warden Henri Judice is forced to investigate a mysterious call-out deep in the Louisiana swamp before a devastating hurricane tears through the area.



Director: Alexander Jeffery

Country: USA, Running Time: 16:14 min

At the integration of the job market in 1964 Louisiana, a posting for a janitorial position at a local law firm and the discovery of an old sewing machine ignites a buried passion in old Mister Bellamy.



Director: Michael Fant

Country: USA, Running Time: 11:03 min

Seven black male students discuss the racial climate in America today, including stereotypes, police brutality and progression.


Blazing Sun (2015)

Director: Fred Castadot

Country: Belgium; Running Time: 24 min

Under the leaden sky of a summer day, Eric goes to work to defend a great issue. But, blinded by stress, Eric is forgetting the most important thing...


BOOKER WRIGHT’S MASHUP (2016) - World Premiere

Director: George Gross

Country: USA, Running Time: 2:50 min

A musical video mashup of Booker Wright's infamous 1966 monologue on NBC News' TV documentary, Mississippi: A Self Portrait.


Bookin' (2015)

Directors: John Kirkscey and Billie Worley

Country: USA, Running Time: 18:03 min

Two Memphis jookers and two ballet dancers fuse their distinct dance styles to a soundtrack that mixes hip-hop beats and cello at a famous Memphis juke joint.  Shot in Memphis, Tennessee at the historic Earnestine & Hazel's.


Borrowed Time (2015)

Director: Lou Hamou-Lhadj, Andrew Coats

Country: USA, Running Time: 6:45 min

A weathered Sheriff returns to the remains of an accident he has spent a lifetime trying to forget. With each step forward, the memories come flooding back. Faced with his mistake once again, he must find the strength to carry on.


Bottle of Sunshine (2016) - World Premiere
Director: Damein Wash

Country: USA, Running Time: 2:58 min
A boy, all clean and dressed up, is denied ice cream and forbidden to get dirty by his mother. She leaves him on the bench as she goes into a shop. Then, a little girl appears.


Bottomless (2015)

Director: Véronique Vanblaere

Country: USA, Running Time: 2:03 min

A Belgian woman seeks citizenship in the United States, and finds that her experiences are bottomless.



Director: Moon Molson

Country: USA, Running Time: 16:53 min

A young mother in a Harlem housing project realizes the arrival of two uniformed soldiers brings news she can't bring herself to accept.


Broke Dick Dog (2016) - World Premiere

Director: G.B. Shannon

Country: USA, Running Time: 11 min

Three newly acquainted brothers confront their long absent and indifferent father.



Director: Ava Lowrey

Country: USA, Running Time: 8:04 min

Dalton Stevens is a folk artist from Bishopville, South Carolina. An insomniac, he stumbled on his art by accident – developing a hobby of covering things with buttons when unable to sleep late at night. Now in his late 80’s, Stevens has been creating folk art with buttons for over 20 years, becoming known as “The Button King.”


Call Me Cappy (2015)

Director: Maja Holzinger

Country: USA, Running Time: 17:34 min

Wally, a bowling alley manager in his 60s, leads a perfectly uneventful life. One day, he receives a piece junk of mail informing him that he has won a tropical cruise. Wally slowly becomes more and more intrigued by the idea of seeing the ocean for the first time.


Cannot Predict Now (2016) - World Premiere

Director: Kimberly Burleigh

Country: USA, Running Time: 4:38 min

Cannot Predict Now is a short experimental 3D computer animation.  It features a spherical form that continuously evolves to perform its function as a predictor of the future.


THE CUT (2016) - North American Premiere

Director: Jeroen Pool

Countries: UK, Netherlands, Running Time: 5:22 min

The Italian hairdresser Rodrigo has outspoken views on hairdressing and beauty. For him outer beauty, the sculpture, is inextricably linked with inner beauty, the soul. Anyone can cut hair, but hairdressing is about truly understanding and connecting with the person whose hair you are cutting.


Cut/Chop/Cook (2015)

Director: Joe York

Country: USA, Running Time: 13:37 min

CUT/CHOP/COOK profiles Rodney Scott of Scott's Bar-B-Q in Hemingway, South Carolina. Says Scott, "We only cook with wood and I'm so sure that we only cook with wood because we go out and chop it ourselves." This film was produced by the University of Mississippi's Media & Documentary Projects Center & the Southern Foodways Alliance, with funding from the Union Square Hospitality Group.


cyberGenesis (2015)

Director: André Silva

Country: USA, Running Time: 13 min

CYBERGENESIS is a fantastical, animated journey (segments of which have been creatively crowd-sourced) that imagines a future creation myth, crafted by cyber consciousness from bits and pieces of humanity's online legacy.


Delta Flavor (2015)

Director: Alison Fast

Country: USA, Running Time: 8 min

Artisan ice cream maker Hugh Balthrop of Sweet Magnolia Ice Cream Co. invents small-batch recipes like Delta Pecan, Muscadine Gelato and Sweet Tea Sorbet, linking small farmers with major markets, and mentoring youth into first time apprenticeships.


Down Down Down (2016)
Director: Coop Cooper
Country: USA, Running Time: 3:25 min

A music video by Steve Kolbus and the Clarksdale Blues Revue. Shot on location, live at Ground Zero Blues Club in Clarksdale, Mississippi.


El Portal (2015)

Director: J. Robinson

Country: USA, Running Time: 7:52 min

EL PORTAL is an experimental documentary about the Cedar Motor Lodge in El Portal, California (population: 474). Combining vintage analog home videos with footage shot this summer, the film spans twenty-five years, weaving together the complicated and tragic story of the lodge with the filmmaker’s family history.


Fallen Star AJC & THE ENVELPE PUSHERS (2016)
Director: Clay Hardwick

Country: USA, Running Time: 8 min
FALLEN STAR is what happens when you make it to the top. This music video combines three original songs into a cinematic narrative, following AJC into a world of bitter famedom. Of course, making a deal at the crossroads has its costs.


The Faucet (2016) - U.S. Premiere
Directors: Danny Klimetz, Samip Raval

Country: USA, Running Time: 4:28 min
A gentleman just wants to wash his hands…


THE FAVOR (2016) - World Premiere

Director: Eileen Myers

Country: USA, Running Time: 10:36 min

The film explores what it means to be a daughter, a husband and ultimately a partner. Ellen and Ralph have differing views on how to handle Ellen's dying mother's imminent passing. Finding a weathered photograph of her mother in happier times, Ellen is convinced this youthful love is what her mother needs to make her death easier.


FIDDLER’S GREEN (2016) - World Premiere

Director: Thad Lee

Country: USA, Running Time: 5:55 min

A song about a mysterious afterworld for people who are too bad for Heaven and too good for Hell.



Director: Larissa Lam

Country: USA, Running Time 12:24 min

Finding Cleveland is a documentary short film that follows Charles Chiu and his family on an emotional journey as they take a trip to Cleveland, Mississippi to visit the grave site of Charles’ father, KC Lou.


Fitting the Description in North Portland (2015)

Director: Jarratt Taylor (OFF Alum: The New Debutantes, 2012)

Country: USA, Running Time: 25:44

Recently, the students of Roosevelt High School received a wake up call after a fellow student was tased by the police in the St. John's neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. The stories they had been hearing about police violence weren't just news stories from another town about people they didn't know. These events were now happening in their backyard.


Flash (2015)

Director: Alberto Ruiz Rojo

Country: Spain, Running Time: 7 min

When a man looks at the photo strip he just took of himself in a photo booth, he cannot believe what he sees


Freedom Fighters (2016)
Director: Wade Patterson

Country: USA, Running Time: 16:53 min
The newest recruit of a right-wing militia finds himself at odds with the charismatic leader when the group tries to take a government official hostage.


Fulfilament (2015)

Director: Rhiannon Evans

Country: UK, Running Time: 7:33 min

Travel around the brain with a little, lost thought and discover what it takes to make a great idea.


The Gift (2016)
Director: Gabriel Robertson

Country: USA, Running Time: 12:48 min
To celebrate his eleventh birthday, a young boy selects his gift - little knowing that his choice will change the world.


Golden Shot (2015)

Director: Gokalp Gonen

Country: Turkey, Running Time: 8:40 min

Rusty machines, living in their small houses, imagine that the sun will come and take them to the sky someday. A small light keeps them alive and dreaming. But one of the machines wants to see the sun itself and has a plan for that.



Director: Shane Danielsen

Country: Australia, Running Time: 10:31 min

Alone in a strange new city, awaiting her husband’s return, a new mother has some unexpected visitors.


The Happy Song (2016)
Director: Coop Cooper

Country: USA, Running Time: 5:25 min
A music video by Blackwater Trio. Three lonely people having a bad day receive a mysterious invitation to an event which will change their lives.


Helen Turner, Pitmaster (2015)

Director: Joe York

Country: USA, Running Time: 14:01 min

Some folks think barbecue is a man’s world. But in Brownsville, Tennessee, it’s synonymous with a woman named Helen Turner. Mrs. Turner was the winner of the SFA’s 2012 Ruth Fertel Keeper of the Flame Award.


High Water Mark (2015)

Director: Tom Varisco

Country: USA, Running Time: 3:12

This short film contrasts sound recordings of the media’s dire Hurricane Katrina coverage with stunning views of a rebuilt New Orleans 10 years after.


Hit & Run (2016) - World Premiere

Director: Jordan Liebowitz

Country: USA, Running Time: 6:40 min

After a car accident disrupts their plans, two low level drug dealers scramble to dispose of the evidence only to discover their unwitting victim may be far more dangerous than they first imagined.


Honey and the Hive (2015)

Director:  Austin Alward

Country: USA, Running Time: 12 min

An adopted child uses her imagination to carve out a place for herself in the family where she feels she doesn’t belong.



Director: Nicholas Coles (OFF Alum: Town Planner 2005)

Country: USA, Running Time: 12:15 min

Meet Tom and Barbara, the proud new owners of a serial killer’s house — the most infamous residence in Sacramento, California. The middle-age couple soon realizes it's going to take more than a fresh coat of paint to whitewash their home's macabre history.


Hum (2015)

Director: Tom Teller

Country: USA, Running Time: 8:30 min

A solitary dish-washing robot living out his life in the back room of a restaurant is enlightened to the world that exists beyond his four walls. With the help of a small friend he breaks free of confinement to pursue his dream of exploration.


Hut Hut (2015)

Directors: Michael Allmon and Courtney Sandifer

Country: USA, Running Time: ???

Mike, a pre-teen scruffy loner, meets his neighbor, Bubba, who interrupts his solitude with unexpected companionship and life lessons.


Intersection (2015)

Director: Brendan Beachman

Country: USA, Running Time: 19:40 min

Two road construction workers flag for non existent vehicles on a remote intersection. The monotony of their day is smashed by the violent arrival of an object from the sky.


The Iraqi Superman (2016) - World Premiere

Director: Sajad Abbas

Country: Iraq, Running Time: 6 min

A tormented young man constructs an ingenious device to rescue his father from Abu Ghraib prison. What he finds there is far from his expectations, revealing the mistreatment and torture of prisoners. His hopes and dreams for a brighter future are dashed upon finding his father.


Jackdaw (2015)

Director: Travis Champagne

Country: USA, Running Time: 14:50 min

A father mourns on the one-year anniversary of his wife’s disappearance.


Kingdom of Garbage (2015)

Director: Yasir Kareem

Country: Iraq, Running Time: 9 min

Zahraa dreams of going to school. Instead she and her brother, Hassan, must scour a landfill site for valuable materials to provide for their poor family, competing against the other scavengers. When a trade between Zahraa and the self proclaimed ‘King of Garbage’ goes wrong, the sibling’s relationship is tested to breaking point – can the two overcome Zahraa’s innocent mistake?


Kudzu Kings 20th Anniversary (2016) - World Premiere

Director: Tate Moore

Country: USA, Running Time: 17:34 min

Kudzu Kings celebrate 20 years as a band at a special one night show at the Lyric Oxford.


Last Night (2016)
Director: Michael Ewing
Country: USA, Running Time: 13:42 min

A late night bar “conversation” among three friends reveals, in surprising ways, that actions have consequences.


LAYERS (2016)

Director: Christina Huff

Country: USA, Running Time: 12:45 min

Two Mississippians talk about their lives as artists. Claire Whitehurst talks about her art and her stylistic choices, while Jonathan Kent Adams talks about his struggles with his homosexual identity within his art. Using layers within their art is a very big theme for both artists, connecting these two talented artist's stories into one narrative.


Life is Super Gr8 (2015)

Director: Wade Vanover

Country: USA, Running Time: 14:58 min

LIFE IS SUPER GR8 provides a glimpse into the history and workings of the Super Gr8 Film Festival in Harrisonburg, Virginia. The first festival of its kind, each year Super Gr8 gives over 40 local filmmakers the rare opportunity to shoot either a color or black/white super 8mm film using vintages cameras. Features interviews with festival founders and a diverse cast of filmmakers, including Elwood "Trip" Madison, the poster designer for the 2016 Oxford Film Festival.



Director: Eva Daoud

Country: Spain, Running Time: 19 min

What’s left of love if its soul is stolen? What’s left of a person if love is stolen? The bitter tale of victims and their executioners, as they all exchange turns.



Director: Lucy Walker

Country: USA, Running Time: 28 min

A courageous young Scottish actress takes the boldest step imaginable to confront her risk of having inherited the fatal, incurable Huntington's Disease.


Little Sticker (2016) - World Premiere

Director: Michael Jackson Chaney

Country: USA, Running Time: 5 min

A couple arrives home after a tragic loss. As they process their situation they engage in very different methods of grieving and struggle over how to address the remnants of a kitschy family icon. Ultimately they come to terms with the possibility of reconciliation and remembrance.



Director: Kathryn A. Rodenmeyer

Country: USA, Running Time: 28:09 min

Mississippi, the 'buckle' of the Bible Belt, ranks 7th in the U.S. for prevalence of HIV infection. Young African American men are the fastest growing group to become infected with HIV. In "Living with HIV," those infected with HIV share their stories and how they are living with this incurable condition.



Director: Sean W. Malone

Country: USA, Running Time: 26:53 min

Locked Out chronicles the struggles and success of Melony Armstrong, an entrepreneur who fought state restrictions to become the first professional African hair braider in Mississippi. Her victory struck down laws which required aspiring natural hair professionals to endure years of expensive licensing that only benefited the cosmetology schools and didn't teach anything about hair braiding or natural hair.


Losing It (2015)

Director: Nathaniel Katzman

Country: USA, Running Time: 19:32 min

Mackenzie and Alexander discover they are pregnant while on tour with their band and are forced to make a decision that feels far beyond their years.


MO' BOUT JOE (2016) - World Premiere

Director: Tim O'Grady

Country: USA, Running Time: 24:51 min

"Outsider" artist Joe Wrenn of Charleston, Mississippi is featured in this 25-minute documentary. We glimpse into his life and his amazing and storied paintings.


Mother’s Day (2015)

Director: Jeff Tan

Country: USA, Running Time: 6:51 min

Tragedy forces Mary (Academy Award Winner Melissa Leo) and her son Jay (Gabriel Furman) to say goodbye forever.


Needle Town (2015)

Director: Kaspar Synnevåg, Henrik Hylland Uhlving

Country: Norway, Running Time: 3 min

Heroin addict Cato is stealing books to fund his drug habit. He has fallen in love with Goth Girl, who works at the local book shop. But the mall cop Crab Claw is about to make his life difficult.


THE NEW ORLEANS SAZERAC (2016) - World Premiere

Director: James Martin

Country: USA, Running Time: 20:28 min

Film is a short documentary that explores the expansive history and modern applications of the classic cocktail through interviews with historians, authors, experts, and bartenders.


Night of the Slasher (2015)

Director: Shant Hamassian

Country: USA, Running Time: 11:16 min

A 'shot-in-one-take' slasher film about a teenage girl who must commit horror movie sins by drinking alcohol, doing drugs, and having sex in order to lure a masked killer and exact revenge.


Nirvana: A Short Film About Lung Cancer (2015)

Director: J. Michael Hicks

Country: USA, Running Time: 15:54 min

Inspired by the director's own personal journey.  After running away from her home, a young cancer patient meets a grieving widower in a dilapidated cemetery. Lost in their own tragedies, the two converse about life, death and the spiritual self.


Ole Miss Rebel Blues (2016) - World Premiere
Directors: Nancy Maria Balach, Katie McLaughlin
Country: USA, Running Time: 4:52 min

The “Ole Miss Rebel Blues” celebrates music, football, and the social culture of Oxford, Mississippi. This Mississippi music video was created, produced, and performed by established artists (University of Mississippi faculty and alumni), who worked side by side with current UM students and children from the Oxford community.


Olilo (2015)

Director: Ao Li

Country: USA, Running Time: 5:40 min

Olilo is a 2D animation that tells the story of an introverted girl held captive by her own semi-transparent personal space. Created through a combination of traditional frame-by-frame and digital drawing as well as key frame animation, the film focuses on love and its capacity to transform all things.


On Surgery (2015)

Directors: Russell Sheaffer, Aaron Michael Smith

Country: USA, Running Time: 7:36 min

The visuals for On Surgery are an attempt to replicate the physical process of bone surgery on the body of 16mm film stock.  By wetting raw, unprocessed 16mm color negative film and then separating out the photosensitive emulsion from the base of the film using a medical scalpel and then reapplying the layers, the only images visible are representative of the scars left on the film.


Once A Month (and Behind the Scenes documentary) (2015) - World Premiere

Director: Alice Walker

Country: USA, Running Time: 25 min

Tom and Tina have their friends Bob and Betty over once a month for dinner, but this is the first time they have gotten together since Bob's death. When Betty arrives, Tom and Tina realize that the evening may be a little more "lively" than expected.


One Minute for Katrina (2015)

Directors: Serafima Serafimova, Max Halley

Country: UK, Running Time: 1 min

One Minute for Katrina marks the 10-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. The animation offers people a chance to reflect and remember those who lost their lives and many who continue to be affected.


One Star Delta Night (2016) - World Premiere

Director: Jason Rochelle

Country: USA, Running Time: 3:40 min
A love story in the heart of the Mississippi Delta. A night where everything is just right. Where a romantic night turns into a beautiful relationship.


Oxford Canteen (2015)

Directors: Brett Mizelle and Heather Richie

Country: USA, Running Time: 5:44 min

Oxford Canteen profiles the Oxford eatery of the same name. Working in a 10×15-foot kitchen (a converted storage closet) in the Lyric Theater, chef-owner Corbin Evans turns out lunch specials like brisket grilled cheese, seasonal salads, and New Orleans–style ya-ka-mein. He serves the fare through a window, and diners can take their orders to go or sit at cantilevered tables drilled into the exterior wall of the building.


Paperous (2015)

Director: Miles Carby

Country: USA, Running Time: 8:11 min

Michael, unnoticed, but ever-observant, is going through a transformation brought on by the divorce of his parents. In this coming of age adventure, he fights to preserve the only life he knows.


Perfect Houseguest (2015)

Directors: Ru Kuwahata, Max Porter

Country: USA, Running Time: 1:35 min

A house is visited by a clean, organized, well-mannered guest.


Phantom Limbs (2015)

Director: Reed O'Beirne

Country: USA, Running Time: 2:44 min

A cameraless film created from animated MRI scans to evoke an enveloping world of light breaking upon the mind. Peering deep into our psychic home, Phantom Limbs engineers a link between inner space and the human spirit. Set to music by Seattle band, St. Kilda.


THE PLASTIC BAG (2016) - US Premiere

Director: Jørgen Johansen

Country: Norway, Running Time: 1 min

Two strangers share a moment with a plastic bag.


Preacherman (2016) - World Premiere

Director: Calum Macdiarmid
Country: USA, Running Time: 7:04 min

Music video featuring Melody Gardot, based on the story of civil rights hero Emmett Till.


PREGGO (2015)

Director: Kristin Slaysman

Country: USA, Running Time 7:52 min

Sam is thirty, single, broke and nine months pregnant in NYC. So... everything is fine.



Director: Jacob Frey

Country: Germany, Running Time: 4:20 min

Jake spends most of his time playing video games indoors until his mum decides to give him a present.



Director: Serdar Yilmaz

Country: Turkey, Running Time: 9:51 min

A man in the flea market (Mihran Tomasyan) walks while checking walls covered with old posters and counters full of stuff with prying eyes. Due to the incarnating object that he sees on one of the counters just carries him away into another reality.


Put Down (2015)

Director: Rick Limentani

Country: UK, Running Time: 10 min

John is a socially awkward man in a downward spiral of debt, until a lucky accident propels him into a new career as a black-market pet exterminator. In these difficult times, some families can no longer afford a pet. John has some inventive ways to help them.


Ready to Roll (2015)

Directors: Molly Nemer and Alexandra Lampert

Country: USA, Running Time: 1:39 min

In READY TO ROLL you’ll meet Earline Hall, formerly of the beloved Biscuit Pit in Grenada, Mississippi, and now the biscuit maven at My Guys in Oxford. It’s hard to describe Ms. Hall’s biscuits except to say that they are just right in every way, albeit petite enough that you’re going to want at least two. She attributes their taste to a mixture of sweet milk and buttermilk.



Director: Alvaro Ron

Country: Spain, Running Time: 6:26 min

Sarah (Allie Grant), a nerdy teenager, needs her mom's brand new car to go on a date with Danny (Miles Heizer), the boy she is in love with. Her mom, Dr. Thun (Karen Strassman), an absent minded podiatrist, is concerned about Sarah driving by the dangerous streets of downtown Los Angeles. She tells her daughter she may need her car if one of her patients has an emergency, but Sarah decides to disobey her mom and steal the car. Little does she know the vehicle is actually part of a secret Dr. Thun keeps and this discovery will change Sarah's life forever.


River Moon Black Birds (2016) - World Premiere

Director: Gloria Chung

Country: USA, Running Time: 7:20 min

An experimental documentary on recent hurricane landfalls (2009-2014, eastern seaboard of the United States).  "An alarm sounds over a quiet river.  Supermoons are burning.  Blackouts across the city.  Storm winds carry tropical birds."


Rock Me Slow (2016)
Director: Edward Valibus
Country: USA, Running Time: 3:40 min

Alone with her just her thoughts, a bottle of bourbon, and her music, Faith Evans Ruch dwells on heartbreak and sorrow.


Roots (2015)

Director: Alison Fast

Country: USA, Running Time: 12 min

Holly Springs conservationists awaken magic, history and a sense of "place" during the Strawberry Plains Audubon Hummingbird Festival, only to uncover the startling roots of ecological resilience in the heart of community.


Roubado (2015)

Director: Erica A. Watson

Countries: France, USA, Running Time 18 min

ROUBADO tells the story of Alain Castelo, an introverted Afro-Portuguese teen growing up in the south of France. As he suffers his parents' recent breakup, the only solace he can muster is his penchant for photography.  When his mother's new live-in boyfriend crosses the line, his eyes are opened to the world and he can no longer hide behind the viewfinder of his vintage camera.


Ruremarm (2016)
Directors: Melvin Robinson (Theca Jones), Joecephus Martin
Country: USA, Running Time: 3:12 min

Skipp Coon makes the street his congregation. 



Director: Cristian Sulser

Country: Switzerland, Running Time: 11:25 min

Scrabble addresses the secret desire to break out of the routine of a loveless relationship and illuminates with irony the depths of humanity behind a traditional façade – using a simple board game.



Director: James Dastoli

Country: USA, Running Time: 2:30 min

An ancient mariner does battle with a behemoth from the deep.


SI (2015)

Director: Samantha Smith

Country: USA, Running Time: 4:34 min

A magical tale that follows Si, a temperamental 6-year old, who gets a goldfish from her parents after begging for a puppy.


THE SIBLING CODE (2015) – World Premiere

Director: Roberta Munroe

Country: USA, Running Time: 6:45 min

In the midst of choosing between a traditional Miyazaki funeral and letting the ashes be one with the wind, Austin and Sheryl duke it out.


Snow Day (2015)

Director: Drew Smith

Country: USA, Running Time: 3:06

Nothing's more exciting to a kid in Memphis than the one snow day they get a year. But when a bully tries to ruin it for one five-year old, he decides to get even.


Spare Rooms (2015)

Director: Matthew T. Bowden

Country: USA, Running Time: 17 min

1985. The rural Midwest. When a same-sex family's teenage son, Will, invites his friend Walker to stay overnight, Will's parents, Rae and Marie, create elaborate plans to appear in the closet. But when those plans backfire, they discover the key to a good lie is in its details.


Spearhunter (2015)

Directors: Adam Roffman, Luke Poling

Country: USA, Running Time: 13:50 min

Deep in the wilds of rural Alabama, a spear-hunter proclaims himself the world's greatest and erects a museum dedicated to his own obsession. In this atmospheric and darkly funny documentary, an offbeat cast of lovers, acolytes, and critics of the megalomaniacal spear-hunter remember his distinctive tactics both for killing and for leaving a legacy.


Stargrassle Paranormal (2016)
Director: Glenn Payne
Country: USA, Running Time: 27:50 min

Welcome to Stagrassle! Meet the Colonel, Penny, Enzo and Bernice, their friends and foes, the ghosts that haunt them and Larry, the man that documents their misadventures.


Stitch (2014)

Director: Alison Fast

Country: USA, Running Time: 9 min

An Oxford-Tupelo company specializing in bespoke, custom-raw-denim, helps to revive the garment industry in northeast Mississippi, tapping local talent, and promising growth and job creation for Mississippi.


Stockholm (2015)

Director: Álvaro Martín

Country: Spain, Running Time: 9 min

Writing a school report about your father’s occupation can be a challenge, especially when his work is disturbing.


Swallowed Whole (2015)

Director: Heidi Kumao

Country: USA, Running Time: 4:06 min

Swallowed Whole is a somber, animated, experimental film about surviving extreme isolation and physical limitations as a result of traumatic injury.


Sweetly Broken (2015)

Director: Chung Lam

Country: Czech Republic, Running Time: 5:25 min

It's what happens when a boy puppet gets separated from the girl puppet of his love and the lengths he goes to to reunite with her.


Take the Bus on a Hot Summer Day (2016) - World Premiere

Director: Gloria Chung

Country: USA, Running Time: 4:40 min

A bus ride through Midtown. A reverie of blurred colors, kaleidoscopic movements and muffled sounds on a hot summer day in the city.


Take with Water (2015)

Director: Tara O'Sullivan

Country: USA, Running Time: 9:55 min

After her first one night stand, Emma navigates the awkward and unfamiliar world of casual sex and learns to embrace her sexuality.



Director: Sihanouk Mariona

Country: USA, Running Time: 12:30 min

A stop-motion documentary about life in New York City — as told by its pests!



Director: Paul D. Hart

Country: USA, Running Time: 12:30 min

A young female Marine war veteran navigates her disintegrating life until there is nothing left but to make a choice.


Til Death (2016)
Director: Matthew Graves

Country: USA, Running Time: 10:05 min
On the dark and stormy night of his fiancée's funeral, a grieving man, so overwhelmed at the thought of never seeing the love of his life again, decides to bring her home.



Director: Jefferson Stein

Country: USA, Running Time: 7 min

A little girl and her father deal with loss in East Texas.


TWISTED (2015)

Director: Stuart Bowen

Country: USA, Running Time: 5:53 min

The Good, The Bad and the Inflatable.  School reunions are strange for anyone, but especially our socially awkward hero. When the girl of his middle school dreams makes her appearance known, he will stop at nothing to win her over...even if it means going into a unique and totally bonkers balloon battle with his old bully and school nemesis one last time.


VANCOUVER ZOETROPE (2016) - North American Premiere

Director: Jeffery Chong

Country: Canada, Running Time: 5 min

Vancouver’s iconic Burrard Bridge is recognized for its monumental design and aesthetic details. This film reveals a hidden architectural feature of the bridge that is only visible to motorists.



Directors: Sarah Fleming, Joann Self Selvidge

Country: USA, Running Time: 7:55 min

A mother shares personal stories about her life and her struggles with her son Edward, who has been involved with the juvenile justice system in Memphis, Tennessee.


VISH (2015)

Director: Danny Klimetz

Country: USA, Running Time: 5:30 min

Vish was shot and edited by Danny Klimetz. Danny is a photographer based in Oxford, Mississippi and his skills transferred impressively to video in this profile of chef Vishwesh Bhatt of Snackbar.


WEST OF ELVIS (2015) -  Audience Awards Winner

Director: Louis Bourgeois

Country: USA, Running Time: 8:05 min

West of Elvis is the last documentary made of Paul MaCleod, the curator of Graceland Too, arguably the largest and strangest collection of Elvis memorabilia in the world.



Director: Daniel Robin

Country: USA, Running Time: 12:15 min

What's in a Name is about sculpting identities, both in terms of how the world sees us and how we view ourselves. These themes are woven into the juxtaposition of two stories that form a dialogue across generations. The question of Jewish identity and authenticity of culture is examined through home movies, archival footage, interviews and abstract recreations.


Women and Work (2016)
Director: Jonathan Pekar

Country: USA, Running Time: 3:23 min
A music video that celebrates the great Southern band Lucero’s music and character.


XO (2015)

Director: Brian Ratigan

Country: USA, Running Time: 3:30 min

Fearing her own memories, a girl begins the cerebral journey of longing for escape before completely fading away.


YALO (2015)

Director: Alison Fast

Country: USA, Running Time: 10 min

A small town craft brewery hits it big, producing bold new tastes like Miss-iss-IPA, River Ale and small-batch, bourbon barrel-aged stout, in what is formerly a dry county. YALO showcases the persistent rise of creative entrepreneurs in Water Valley, and the importance of small businesses to revitalize Main Street.



Director: John Veron

Country: USA, Running Time: 2:59 min

In a school that is no longer a school, a man is pursued by a boy who is no longer a boy.


ZERO (2015)

Director: David Victori

Country: Spain, Running Time: 29 min

A boy and his father are emotionally and physically separated on the day earth intermittently loses gravity. The boy is wrestling with questions about his mother's death, while his father desperately tries to find his son as the world is rising and collapsing around him.