Two September Movies to Celebrate SarahFest!


This September during SarahFest hosted by Sarah Isom Center, a free documentary about women cinematographers, Cameraperson, will be a part of the free Monday Movies series hosted by Oxford Film Festival at the Burns Belfry. The event will be held on September 17 at 630 pm.

Burns Belfry is located at 710 Jackson Ave E, Oxford, MS 3865. 

“Rather than offering a straightforward narrative, the film invited us behind the lend into this cameraperson’s world, where we witness a captivating collage of episodic images and stories connected thematically, textually, sonically, and emotionally. The film vividly combines documentary, autobiography, and ethical inquiry.” POV Pressroom                 

For more information on Cameraperson or the Monday Movie series, please email or visit  



The Sarah Isom Center and Oxford Film Festival will be presenting a free screening of Tim Wolff’s documentary, “The Sons of Tennessee Williams” on September 25th at 7:00pm located at the Powerhouse (413 South 14th Street).

            The film focuses on the story of the cultural revolution started by gay men in New Orleans during the 1960s. In the 1950s, homosexuality was illegal in all 50 states, but by the late 1960s, the state of Louisiana chartered four gay Mardi Gras clubs which sparked the fight for LGBT+ rights. The film explores the discriminatory “Jim Crow” type laws which targeted homosexual Americans. The documentary demonstrates how these gay men from New Orleans fought back against unjust laws and everyday oppression through clubs, drag, music, glitter, dancing, and performing while maintaining a humorous attitude through adversity.

            Wolff’s film has received praise from The New York Times calling it “irrespressibly funny” and “lightly debauched and thoroughly colorful…an irreverent spoof of aristocratic tradition and a deadly serious protest against social injustice.”

Get your free tickets to both screenings here! 

Fall Fundraiser Sponsors Wanted!






We are looking for 10 VIP sponsors at $100 who will get their logo or name on the poster and a pass to the event. 


We are looking for 4 Props Sponsors at the $500 level who will get their logo or name on poster and on the sponsor banner and 2 passes to the event.


We are looking for a Screen Sponsor at the $1000 level also. With all of the above perks (and 4 passes) they will also get their 30 second ad run before the movie screenings.


All levels can also be in-kind donations.


Contact us at or 877-560-3456


Monday Movies: All the Difference

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Oxford, MS: The Oxford Film Festival Monday Movies series continues at Burns Belfry Center on Aug. 27 at 630 pm with All the Difference.


The largely invisible and often crushing struggles of young African-American men come vividly — and heroically — to life in All the Difference, which traces the paths of two teens from the South Side of Chicago who dream of graduating from college. Statistics predict that Robert and Krishaun will drop out of high school, but they have other plans. Oscar®-nominated producer/director Tod Lending's intimate film, executive produced by author Wes Moore, follows the young men through five years of hard work, sacrifice, setbacks and uncertainty. As they discover, support from family, teachers and mentors makes all the difference in defying the odds.


The event is free due to the generous support of Mississippi Humanities Council and PBS POV Series but tickets are available to secure a seat at


About Oxford Film Festival: The Oxford Film Festival was founded in 2003 to bring exciting, new, and unusual films (and the people who create them) to North Mississippi. The annual five-day festival screens short and feature-length films in both showcase and competition settings. The festival is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization. For more information, visit

Oxford Film Fest receives 2 year operational grant from MAC


      (Jackson, Miss) – Oxford Film Festival of Oxford  has been awarded a ($21,000) operational two-year grant from the Mississippi Arts Commission (MAC).  This grant is a portion of the $1.3 million in grants the Commission will award in 2017-2018 and will be used to support the film festival year round.  The grants are made possible by continued funding from the Mississippi State Legislature and the National Endowment for the Arts. 


“Arts organizations throughout the state of Mississippi play a pivotal role in sharing the power of the arts with people from all walks of life,” said Malcolm White, executive director of MAC. “The arts are for everyone, and the Mississippi Arts Commission is pleased to support arts organizations committed to growing the presence of the arts in their communities.”


The Oxford Film Festival will host the 16th annual festival February 6-9, 2019 and year round celebrates the art of independent cinema. Through year round programming, the festival works to encourage filmmaking in Oxford and North Mississippi while growing understanding of cinema through screenings, workshops and educational programs, culminating in the annual five day festival.  The festival exhibits over 200 quality films from across the globe and has been praised for its hospitality. 


The Mississippi Arts Commission, a state agency, serves the residents of the state by providing grants that support programs to enhance communities; assist artists and arts organizations; promote the arts in education and celebrate Mississippi’s cultural heritage.  Established in 1968, the Mississippi Arts Commission is funded by the Mississippi Legislature, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Mississippi Endowment for the Arts at the Community Foundation of Greater Jackson and other private sources.  The agency serves as an active supporter and promoter of arts in community life and in arts education.


Community Film Cast - Extras Still Needed

The eighth annual community film "Checking In" will be directed by local filmmaker Connor King who also wrote the script. The film will be made on August 1 and 2 with support from TownePlace Suites of Oxford. Extras are still needed. To participate email: jconnorking [at] 

If interested in being an Executive Producer, contact Melanie Addington at info [at]


Pops - Jaime Adams

Jaime Adams is best known for her work with Theatre Oxford Board. She has also  appeared in Driven (2018) with Supernatural’s Richard Speight, Jr., Forced Move (2016), and OFF’s FireMax, Killer Kudzu, and #fifteen. 



Goner - Alex Thiel

Alex Thiel is a local filmmaker and musician. He is also a regular staff member of the Oxford Film Festival. This is his first on-screen role. 


Brad - Josh Heylin

Joshua Heylin, a resident of Oxford, is thrilled do be a part of
“Checked In” as well as getting to work with some familiar and
new faces. He attended the University of Mississippi where he
further honed his acting potential on stage as well as on camera.
He absolutely can’t wait for everyone to see the magic that he
and the rest of the cast and crew are bringing to the screen!

image1 (2).jpeg

Rachel - Olivia Kerns

Olivia Kerns is a 19 year old Theatre Major at The University of Mississippi. She has participated in many forms of Theatre since she was 5 years old. Olivia is very passionate about theatre and works very hard. She is very excited to have been casted and work on this film and hopes you enjoy!


Vanessa - Trish Brummett

Trish Brummett is an artist from Oxford, Mississippi. She has a passion for photography, petting cats, and plays Pokémon Go in her free time.


Tonya - Paula Stack

Paula Stack joins us from Racine WI, having achieved her dream of appearing on both stage and screen here in Mississippi, We'll never get rid of her!  Thanks to John and Nate for Coming here with me, and letting me see the stars, birds, and trees.

headshot (1).jpeg

Hannah - Michelle Bright

Michelle Bright has spent the better part of her son's teen years saying, "Has anyone seen my son?" so she feels a kindred spirit with Hannah's impatience with the nonsense that keeps her from getting to her child. When not spending hours searching for son, she teaches writing, and enjoys theatre, film, and finding everything else she loses on a daily basis. 


Bellboy - Jake Hall

Jake is a local Oxonian who’s been in involved with theatre and film since his early teens. He’s honored to portray the part of Bellboy in the film and would like to thank his friends and family for the endless support in his pursuit of acting.



Marilyn and Dick Frey, Henry Clarke, Toni Coleman, Ray Sizemore, Harold and Joseph Brummett, Edward Parker, Marcus Black, Allyson Alford , Bill Hughes, Maegan Staggs, John Melton