Thank you for agreeing to be a screener for the 2018 Oxford Film Festival to be held February 7-11, 2018. 

2018 Film Freeway SCREENING STEPS

1.     Log into Film freeway with your user name and password

2.     Click on Account and choose to use as Oxford Film Festival Subuser

3.     The list of films you have access to screen will appear on screen

4.     Click on film and watch it. You have access to all films in your category as do other screeners. As we move further along in the process we may ask you to watch a certain film if not enough eyes are on it, but until then, you have discretion to pick and choose in the category.

5.     Select Rate This project underneath the screening window.

This screen pops up: 


6.     Please select a star rating for each category for the film.

a.     INDIVIDUAL CATEGORIES (Plot, Pacing, Creativity/Originality, Performances, Production Value, Length, Fit for the Fest):

1-3 - Bad
4-6 - Fair
7-10 – Good

1-2: You think it’s a very poor film with few redeeming qualities; this is a film you think other people will think is extremely poor. A 1 is as severe a rating as a 10 is great, so it will be a very rare final designation.
3-4: Fairly average, lacking in innovation or anything memorable to inspire multiple viewings.
5-6: It's not in your top 10 so far, but there are some positive aspects, and you could see other people liking it. Not particularly exceptional; mediocre. This is the most common rating range.
7-8: A good fit for the fest; unique and innovative, makes you feel engaged and excited. You would love to see it play the fest.
9-10: This film will be in your top list and you already view it as a must program. You should only give a 10 if the film is a masterpiece; a 10 is extremely rare and the overall number of films you score in the 7-10 range will likely be less than 10%.

7.     Then write at least three sentences in the comments as to why the film should or should not play the film festival. You can point out if family friendly, genre specific notes such as a great LGBT film or good horror film for a late night crowd, and note if has ties to Mississippi.

The Good - Positive qualities of the film.
The Bad - Negative qualities of the film.
The Fit - Reasons this film might be a particularly good or bad fit, specific to Oxford. Say, if the filmmaker was local and this would be a World Premiere, this is a "Fit" consideration.

8.     Then choose either: Recommend, Don’t Recommend or Award Worthy.

9.     Then click on Create Rating to enter your review.


"How should I discuss my role with the festival?
You can't! Your role as a screener is anonymous and confidential. You'll get no public credit for this work beyond our thanks in the program and your VIP pass to the festival, nor should you discuss the fact that you're a screener or any of the films you've seen with anyone except for the Film Staff. Seriously! This is an important issue! You will be seeing work that people you know are involved with, or people are involved with that you didn't realize! It is essential that you keep this activity private and confidential. Not only can you NOT discuss the films, you may not write about them in any form. If you are a film writer/blogger/tweeter - you may only do so from a public screening or from a personal/press copy given to you by the filmmaker at a later date. If you can’t contain yourself, you may absolutely contact the Film Staff who will be happy to discuss the film with you!  

Once a film is programmed and publicly announced, then feel free to share with everyone how awesome it is and that people should see it! 

"How do I watch it on a bigger screen than my laptop?"

If you have any of the devices on this page:, including Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, Samsung TV, Xbox 360, Panasonic VIERA HDTVs w/ VIERA Connect, Philips Smart LED TV or Samsung Blu-Ray, you can watch the film on your TV using Vimeo’s ‘Watch Later’ feature:
1. If you do not already have one, create a Vimeo account.
2. Click on the screener link and enter the password when prompted.
3. Once the screener loads, click on “Watch Later” (the little clock icon) on the right side of the Vimeo window.
4. On your preferred device (AppleTV, etc.) log into your Vimeo account and check your list of Watch Later films and there you have it!
5. If you have any trouble, this link should help: