16th annual Oxford Film Festival: February 2019 (February 6-10)


When to submit?

  • Submissions are closed for 2019.

Where to submit? 

We only accept submissions on Film Freeway. Emailing us a link will not be considered. 

What genres to submit?

How much to submit?

A $5 student discount is available on all rates below.

Films created by people with disabilities, and/or featuring performers with disabilities receive a 50% discount using code ReelOxff

Films directed by women also get 50% discount using code BlacheOxff 

Can I get a fee waiver?

You can possibly if accepted from May 1-Sept. 30. FORM NOW CLOSED FOR 2019!


  • Films must have been completed after January 1, 2017.

  • While we prefer otherwise, short films currently streaming on You Tube or other free or pay platforms are eligible. Feature-length films that are currently or have in the past been available in any form of exhibition in the United States are ineligible for juried competition. This includes: SVOD, TVOD, theatrical, TV or free Internet streaming. Non-US distribution is acceptable.

  • Please enable the “Watch Later” feature on Vimeo. This makes it possible for our screeners to watch your films on the largest screen available to them.

  • Shorts must be under 30 minutes. Features must be under 120 minutes. Scripts are under 20 pages.

  • To be considered for the Mississippi categories, the filmmaker should indicate his/her "Mississippi connection" in the cover letter section and have filmed at least 50% of the film in Mississippi.

  • All films in a language other than English must be subtitled in English for festival presentation.

  • All submission fees are non-refundable.

  • Any film submitted in previous years but be a significantly different version to be re-considered. Re-submitted, previously rejected films with no changes will not be considered. Please note the changes in your cover letter.

  • We do not pay screening fees for juried competition films.

Upon acceptance, Oxford Film Festival will ask for fest deliverables: 
1) Feature films require a DCP and a BluRay back up. If unable to deliver a DCP, we partnered with a company to provide a discount to have a DCP made. Please contact us if you have questions.

2) Short films require a ProRes 422 file and a preferred Blu ray back up. Selig Polyscope Company will then create a DCP for each shorts block. We do not want a DCP for your short as we create our own DCP blocks.

  • If the filmmaker does not comply with delivery deadlines, the film may be pulled from the festival lineup.

  • Acceptance does not guarantee a juried slot, but the filmmaker will be notified upon acceptance if their film was selected for competition or out-of-competition screenings.

  • International entries - all entries from outside the US should be sent Air mail Registered or by a parcel express service (DHL, UPS, Fed Ex, etc.). We cannot accept entries shipped via air-freight if customs and delivery fees have not been paid.

Can I get my money back if you don't accept my film?

No, that is not our policy. 

How does your film screening process work?

We have a screening team of about 50 volunteers made up of a cross-section of the Oxford community as well as some national and international screeners including students, retirees, filmmakers, industry and more. Three people are required to watch the film completely and then submit their review using our internal system. Then head programmers for each category make final decisions. The feedback from screeners is shared with filmmakers who request this service at the time of acceptance or rejection. At the festival we are looking above all else for a good story but technical proficiency, acting, editing, length of film, uniqueness and other factors are taken into consideration when screening. 

Films with distribution are ineligible. We do not pay screening fees for juried competition films. Please do not submit and accept and then ask for us to pay to screen your film. If you are interested in a special non juried screening which we pay for a screening fee, you may reach out to the Executive Director instead of applying through Film Freeway. 

For the Short Screenplay competition, our volunteers read each script and determine the semi-finalists and top finalists based on ranking of scores. 

When is notification?

  • We consider films fully before making a decision. We try to notify once decided rather than waiting only until the final notification date. Decisions are made in two rounds during our 6 month submission process. However, we will notify all filmmakers by or before December 1 via Film Freeway. Please check your account on Film Freeway for any notifications or check your email. Films that request feedback will receive it.

New to the festival circuit?