Volunteer FAQ

How do I make a schedule?

Sign up on our volunteer page to our Shiftboard system. Wait up to 24 hours for us to add you to the teams so you can see the open shifts. 

Log into Shiftboard here. If you forgot your password, click forgot password to have it reset. Shiftboard has a mobile app for IOS and Android. The applications are a limited version of the platform and it's intended for end users. The apps focus on the schedule. We recommend using shiftboard on an actual computer when picking your schedule. You can use the app during the festival to remember where you are scheduled. An e-mail reminder also goes out 2 days before your shift.

Do I need to be a certain age to volunteer? 

Yes, you must be 15 or older to volunteer during the festival. For those interested in transportation, you must be 21 to drive the shuttle. 

What kind of work is available pre-festival?


Volunteers will screen films either in their own home using our Film Freeway system. This job is from May 1-November 15.

Pre-Festival Hours

Volunteers will work on their own to distribute (with list provided) posters and/or film guides throughout the community, including on campus.  Work is from January-February. We also need help with monthly screenings and helping with our fundraisers. 

What kind of work is available during the festival?

Box Office: Ticketing and Badge Check-in

Volunteers will sell badges and individual movie tickets to people who come in the door.  Volunteers will also check in those who have pre-purchased tickets and badges.


Various media needs may be available in working with John Wildman, publicist on red carpet, running our photo booth.


Volunteers will be selling both OFF merchandise and Film-Makers merchandise at 2 separate tables.  OFF merchandise will be sold via computer and will include cash, check, and credit card transactions while Film-Makers merchandise will be cash/check only. This is also the information booth. 

VIP Green Room (Hospitality)

Volunteers will be responsible for monitoring the VIP Tent to make sure that only filmmakers, VIP guests, and OFF staff use the room.  Volunteers will also need to work with the Hospitality Director for any food/drink needs and keep up with trash as needed.  The volunteer in this area will sit in a chair outside the green room to check credentials (badges). They may also be assigned to the volunteer space. 

Ushers (screens)

Ushers will stand outside the doors to the theaters, take tickets or check badges and hand out audience ballots, do head-counts, and answer any questions that attendees may have.

Screen Managers (screens)

Screen Managers are the direct communication from the theater to the booth upstairs.  Volunteers will be asked to sit in a specific place and keep in communication with the booth for any problems that may occur with the picture or sound. Only people who can handle responsibility of a head set and pay attention to the screen need apply. 

Projection Support

This person will help with running a Mac laptop, loading DCPs or handling Blurays. 

Q and A

Working with the Q and A staff and the Volunteer Coordinator for screens, these volunteers will run the Filmmakers / actor Q and A’s after the showing of their movie.

Line Manager (screens)

The line manager works during the festival in the lobby to manage the lines and help people with any questions. 

Party Assistant (Hospitality)

Volunteers will help with the setting up, catering and serving, and the cleanup of parties.  This involves an array of duties from carrying boxes, setting up tables and chairs, decorating, picking up food from sponsors or designated providers, serving or replenishing of areas, to taking out trash when the party is over.  This area is usually LATE NIGHT.


This involves airport pick ups and drops offs as well as in-town transportation. 

What do I wear as a volunteer?

Volunteers will be issues a  short-sleeved “crew” t-shirt to wear during their shift.  We ask you only wear this during your shift.

What hours do I work as a volunteer?

This is up to you.  Perks are provided based on the number of hours you work.